Dell introduces future-ready IT Solutions


Dell delivers new solutions to help customers simplify and enhance flexibility for both traditional and new application and workload requirements

Dell announced new products and solutions to help global customers on their paths toward software defined data centers by bridging the IT gap between traditional and new application requirements. Dell is helping to address this continuum with future-ready IT solutions, including new converged infrastructure architecture, storage solutions, and workload- specific appliances to help customers transform their data centers, capture cost savings, and ensure their businesses are competitive.

“Dell is placing customers first and delivering IT solutions which allow them to transform and future-proof their data centers without having to sacrifice the past,” said Marius Haas, chief commercial officer and president of enterprise solutions group, Dell. “The new solutions announced today showcase Dell’s commitment to helping customers prepare for a software-defined data center and truly allow them to optimize their environments to meet specific workload needs.”

Dell’s new future-ready IT solutions include the new Dell PowerEdge FX converged architecture that provides optimal modularity and scalability; a new Dell Storage SC4020 Entry-Level All-Flash configuration that offers compelling features and performance in an all-flash storage array for $25,000 (US); the new Dell Storage PS4210 Series for substantially improved application performance and connectivity options for small and mid-size deployments; and, the Dell XC Series of Web-scale Converged Appliances for integrated compute and enterprise storage.

Forces like cloud computing, mobility, big data, the internet of things and software-defined IT make new IT application and workload types increasingly relevant to companies typically operating traditional IT processes, and underscore the need for IT solutions that optimize the differences with traditional and new applications. Dell also has engineered new technology to address the requirements of both traditional and new IT application processes.

“Despite claims to the contrary, mostly by vendors of proprietary servers, Dell’s new FX architecture clearly shows that x86 system innovation is alive and well,” said Charles King, Dell Watcher and Principal Analyst, Pund-IT. “The company’s efforts also prove how being a disruptive force doesn’t require ‘thinking outside of the box.’ In the case of the FX architecture, Dell has succeeded by rethinking the box itself.”

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