Dell's Latest Commercial Laptop Range - Some Questions to Ask

Dell's Latest Commercial Laptop Range - Some Questions to Ask about their configurations before buying or selling these models

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Dell Technologies in India has announced the availability of its latest commercial laptop portfolio. The latest series of Latitude, Precision and OptiPlex are said to be designed to transform work experiences and enable users to seamlessly work from anywhere.


The Latitude 9420 has a webcam shutter that has Smart sensors attached so that it automatically knows when to open and when to shut down.

It has 11th Gen Intel Core vPro processors based on the Intel Evo platform. Users can also multitask on fast connections with WiFi 6E or 5G LTE.

The Latitude 9520 is a small ultra-premium business 15” laptop.


With the laptop proximity sensor enabled by Intel Context Sensing Technology, it detects user’s presence to instantly wake and log in via the IR camera and Windows Hello, all without lifting a finger.

The new product line-up includes Latitude 7320 detachablea sleek, lightweight and ready to support the “do-from-anywhere” work style.

It comes with a 13-inch display and an advanced 5 MP front-facing camera, with Temporal Noise Reduction (TNR) to bring brighter, sharper visuals to video calls.


The OptiPlex 5090 laptop comes in three form factors – Tower, Small Form Factor and Micro. The OptiPlex 5090 Tower delivers entry commercial VR content experiences with the latest NVIDIA 1660 Super and AMD graphics. Built with 11th Gen Intel up to Core i7 processors and doubled max memory from previous generation, it provides better performance while running multiple or large applications.

With new Intel Gen 12 graphics, OptiPlex 5090 Micro laptop offers better visuals for 3D rendering and 4K monitor use with discrete graphics support.

These models are geared towards Smart Tech sensing tech, work from anywhere concept and video conferencing made easy.


The resellers may have to be prepared to respond to the following queries from the customers - 

  • What is the local storage capacity of all these models?
  • Does the RAM support the local storage and processing large volume of data with heavy work?
  • Webcam with auto open and shut with face recognition can be actually a nuisance, because everytime it recognises the face of the administrator, it will open, eventhough theadministrator doesn't want it to open. Further, sometimes such webcams don't recognise the face and then it becomes a problem to use them. Is there a way to shut off the auto-open system when desired?
  • What's the resolution and speed of capture of the webcam in each model?
  • Are the Latitude 9520 and 7320 too small for prolonged hours of work?
  • Why does Optiplex 5090 have memory from previous generation?
  • Optiplex 5090 Micro has 12th Gen Intel processor. What are its other configurations and what is the price? What's the monitor size?
  • Why don't the other models have 12th Gen Intel processor?

It's better to look for the responses to these questions before buying or selling these models.

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