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style="font-size: 13pt;" size="3">GIGABYTE

is uniquely positioned with its comprehensive range of premium-

eatured motherboards to meet the growing customer demands for the

right performance and price ratio in the market. This is supported by

a three-pronged strategy for the Indian market. Firstly, product

innovation has always been a major focus area for GIGABYTE, and since

2006 the company has been setting and patenting multiple quality

standards every year, such as 24 Phase Power VRM, 2oz Copper PCB,

Dynamic Phase Power Switching Energy Saving Technology, All Solid

Capacitor, and TouchBIOS, to name a few. In India, GIGABYTE products

are distributed by Ingram Micro, Redington and Neoteric Infomatique,

followed by value partners, premier partners and special service

partners (SSPs). After-sales service is the second focus area of the

company. In 2011, the company opened its GIGABYTE exclusive service

centers in 6 major cities, which also act as the hubs for the pan-

ndia market. Moreover, it has appointed over 50 premier partners as

special service partners (SSPs), who also act as the collection

points for defected products. The company is increasing the number of

SSPs across the country. Presently, it has over 80 collection points

in over 80 cities, and intends to spread service support/collection

point network to over 100 cities. “The third focus area of the

company is to create an 'IT Knowledge Community' through regular

system integrator (SI) training and college campus events. This is an

ongoing process for GIGABYTE, which has a commitment to conduct more

than 25 SI meets and over 10 college events per quarter,” mentions

Sunil Grewal, sales head, India, GIGABYTE Technology.


style="font-size: 13pt;" size="3">COMPANY'S


style="font-size: 13pt;" size="3">GIGABYTE

comes under the Motherboard Business Unit (MBU) of GIGABYTE

Technology, Taiwan. So, it has only one business unit operating in

India. Moreover, it has managers looking after different operations

such as product, marketing, and marcom, and other important

functions, such as finance and accounts, human resources,

administration, etc. At GIGABYTE, Grewal is responsible for India

sales, then there are regional managers based in different

geographical zones-categorized as East, West, South, North and

Central zones, respectively.

style="font-size: 13pt;" size="3">GIGABYTE's

sales team members, designated as area sales managers, are based

across all major centers as well as the upcountry markets in India.

These area managers report to their respective regional managers.

Since over 95% of the company's business comes from channels, all

regional managers are primarily channel managers. This responsibility

includes increasing the number of GIGABYTE authorized partners,

promoting and managing incentive schemes, educating partners on

latest GIGABYTE motherboard features and technologies (through SI

meets and personal interactions), helping in service-related issues,

helping partners organize their own promotional events, etc.


style="font-size: 13pt;" size="3">TRAINING


style="font-size: 13pt;" size="3">GIGABYTE

is committed to conduct over 25 reseller meets every quarter. “In

these meets, we give our partners training on the latest GIGABYTE

motherboard features and technologies. This is done with the help of

updated presentations (in a highly simplified fashion), videos,

technology brochure distribution, question- and-answer sessions. We

regularly send out eDMs to partners on the latest products and

technologies,” informs Grewal.

style="font-size: 13pt;" size="3">The

company ensures channel profitability by coming out with lucrative

schemes under the GIGABYTE Value Partner Program (GVPP) for value

partners, and GIGABYTE Channel Incentive Program (GCIP) for premium

partners. The incentives range from pen drives and laptop bags, to

holiday packages and gold coins, etc, depen ding on individual

schemes. The company pro vides channel schemes throughout the year.

Apart from the regular schemes, it also conducts special schemes

regionally and during festive time.


style="font-size: 13pt;" size="3">GROWTH


style="font-size: 13pt;" size="3">The

company is broadly looking to add more partners, increase increase

channel penetration

and spread in the upcountry markets, improve growth in the

established markets, and enhance post-sales infrastructure for the

advantage of partners and customers. The company has been organizing

various meets to reach out to SIs in these regions and to educate

them on how GIGABYTE motherboards can be used to grow their business.

Additionally, it is also strengthening post-sales service for growing

channel base. In the process, it is also increasing the number of

value partners in the tier- 2 and -3 regions, and today it has over

2,500 value partners across India.

style="font-size: 13pt;" size="3">PC

penetration is increasing by leaps and bounds, especially in

non-metros, so is the demand for motherboards in these regions. We

are working towards increasing our market base in these regions by

focusing on product visibility, availability, channel penetration,

and post-sales service. We are also enhancing our premium partner

base across different regions to achieve a more efficient supply

chain,” he adds. “The company is always focused on ensuring the

most ideal price/performance ratio for its products and customers. It

is also working closely with distributors to capitalize on their

strengths in warehousing and supply to reach more locations,”

Grewal concludes.