DNIF HYPERCLOUD Launches Threat Detection and Analysis Features

DNIF HYPERCLOUD Unveils 2024's Updates: Empowering Security Professionals with Enhanced Collaboration, Streamlined Analysis, and more.

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DNIF HYPERCLOUD Launches Threat Detection and Analysis Features 2

DNIF HYPERCLOUD Launches Threat Detection and Analysis Features 2

DNIF HYPERCLOUD Unveils 2024's Initial Application Updates: Empowering Security Professionals with Enhanced Collaboration, Streamlined Analysis, and Improved Incident Response.


In the era of advancing artificial intelligence and technology, a recent survey underscores that cyber-attacks pose the foremost risk to Indian organizations. The e-Nagarpalika portal of Madhya Pradesh recently fell victim to a cyber attack, compromising data for residents in 413 cities. This incident underscores the vulnerability of smaller government portals with critical but inadequately secured data.

The latest update, dated January 2023 is as follows:

1) Advanced Dashboard Privacy Settings:


In a notable step toward strengthening collaboration and enhancing cybersecurity practices, this feature introduces a deliberate categorization of dashboards into public and private segments.

Public dashboards encourage a collaborative approach within the Security Operations Center (SOC), fostering seamless teamwork among members. Conversely, private dashboards empower users to selectively share sensitive information, guaranteeing the targeted distribution of critical data. Moreover, view-only access not only facilitates controlled information dissemination but also protects against unauthorized modifications, contributing to a secure and collaborative cybersecurity environment.

2) Effortless Data Filtering Across Pages:


Prioritizing user empowerment, DNIF HYPERCLOUD introduces seamless view customization across multiple pages, including Dashboards, Cases, and Workbooks. This capability allows security professionals to tailor their analysis effortlessly, enhancing the investigative experience. Whether aligning views with a specific investigation or adapting to a particular context, this enhancement aims to elevate the relevance of presented information, fostering a more intuitive and user-centric cybersecurity workflow.

3) Readable Logs, Happy Users: A Pretty Search Experience

In a bid to prioritize user experience, DNIF HYPERCLOUD transforms the log exploration landscape with a visually enhanced log event presentation in search results. This aesthetically pleasing view improves the legibility of raw log data, making it easier for cybersecurity professionals to read and comprehend information. By providing a more user-friendly and efficient log exploration experience, this feature ensures that security analysts can derive insights effortlessly during threat analysis, ultimately enhancing the overall effectiveness of cybersecurity efforts.


4) Swift Analysis: Quick Filters and Aggregates at Your Fingertips

The January 2024 application update brings forth rapid analysis capabilities, providing cybersecurity professionals with the tools to swiftly and efficiently navigate through information. This feature allows the seamless addition of fields to filters and aggregate functions during the exploration of search results, enhancing the flexibility of data analysis. With quick access to filters and aggregates, users can conduct in-depth analyses more easily, optimizing investigative workflows and reinforcing the speed and effectiveness of cybersecurity response efforts.

5) Connected Contexts: Stream-Based Workbook Management


In an effort to streamline log event management and promote a cohesive cybersecurity environment, DNIF HYPERCLOUD emphasizes the importance of a seamless user experience. This focus includes providing connected contexts to enhance the comprehension of log data. By improving the legibility of raw log data, this feature aims to create a more user-friendly log exploration experience during threat investigations, ultimately aiding cybersecurity professionals in their mission to safeguard digital assets.

6) Query Economics: Anticipate Query Costs for Optimal Search Performance

To meet the changing requirements of cybersecurity professionals, the January 2024 update introduces Query Economics – a feature allowing users to preview data volume before executing a query. This capability assists in formulating precise queries tailored to the desired scope, ensuring optimal search performance. By anticipating query costs, users can concentrate on relevant data subsets, avoiding unnecessary scans and promoting more targeted and efficient cybersecurity analysis.

Speaking about the new update, Mr. Shomiron Das Gupta, Founder of DNIF HYPERCLOUD, expresses the company’s commitment to addressing the modern threat: “Our mission is to empower cybersecurity professionals with tools that not only meet the demands of today’s threats but anticipate the challenges of tomorrow. With these upgrades, we aim to provide an array of solutions for a resilient and proactive cybersecurity approach.”