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Musicmatch Inc, provider of personalized music software and services, announced its new Musicmatch Downloads service. It is the first service on the PC that allows consumers to purchase and download music from a broad catalog of music from all five major labels and more than 30 independents - with no complex, restrictive usage rules. 

The new service offers effortless access to high-quality, personalized music and the ability to purchase while listening to CDs, MP3s and Musicmatch Radio. Musicmatch downloads can be purchased now at


Until now, legitimate PC download services forced people to pay a subscription fee, or required additional payments to burn tracks or transfer to portable players. All Musicmatch downloads have the same, simple usage rules, without a subscription. 

Customers can play tracks on up to three PCs simultaneously and transfer them to Windows Media-supported music players.

Tracks can be burned to CDs, but the same playlist may only be burned up to five times. The flexible new service, combined with high-quality content and effortless music purchasing, marks a new phase in legitimate downloadable music for consumers. 

“By offering consistent and fair ownership rights, breakthrough music personalization, convenient purchasing and the highest quality files, our service is better than any free illegal alternative,” says Dennis Mudd, Musicmatch Chairman and CEO. “The Musicmatch Downloads service is the best way for people to find, buy and enjoy music that matches their unique tastes,” adds he.