DQ Channels Marketing Guru- Abhijeet Mukherjee, Crayon Software

Marketing Guru- Abhijeet Mukherjee, Crayon Software

DQ Channels Marketing Guru: Professional with over 13 years of work experience in Marketing, Business Development & Sales, Abhijeet Mukherjee is currently working with Crayon Software India as Marketing Lead.

How has your organization revamped its marketing/ GTM strategy in India?

Everything is changing around us constantly. From the way we operate to the way, we communicate personally or professionally. With so many changes coming in, market landscapes have become exponentially more competitive. Today organizations operate in a state of hyper-competition–a landscape in which no competitive advantage can be sustained in the long run. At Crayon, we follow a 360-degree approach and ensure that we make the transformation journey seamless for our customers & partners.

On the marketing front, our approach includes customer & partner communication, outbound email, inbound lead nurturing, ROI generation by utilizing every medium such as Digital, Mobile, Social, Content Curation, Website, SEO, Events, GTM with Alliances, PR & Corp Communication, and Media led initiatives.

 What is your current market share?

We have been helping clients navigate their digital transformation journey for decades. 2019 has been a rewarding year for Crayon Group.

With the consistent growth in the region, we have expanded our customer & partner portfolio through a combination of new services, vendors and business combinations.

 Recently, we have reported our global growth figures for Crayon Holdings ASA. It’s the seventh consecutive quarter of strong revenue and gross profit growth across all business areas and market clusters.

 What are the collaborative approaches and targets that you have to set out to meet in the Indian market?

Implementing a shared-services model for establishing a communication pattern within the organization enables organizations to gain a competitive advantage. This will be a key differentiator, as the number of customer segments, solution providers and geographies that we tap continues to expand. Together with our partners, we drive co-innovation by conducting frequent educational and knowledge sharing sessions and events to ensure that the customers get the best solutions aligned with the latest trends and requirements.

What are the different marketing channels you use to promote your product and services (Online – Offline both)?

With the world’s focus shifting from traditional marketing to digital marketing; it is important that they must react to these changes. To address these, we use the latest marketing tools to accelerate the product as well as visibility across the market and some of them are:

  1. Content Curation & Amplification
  2. Digital and Online Focused Campaigns
  3. Social Media Campaigns
  4. SEO with Relevant Keywords
  5. Creation of Sales Enablement Tools
  6. Blogs & Thought Leadership Articles
  7. Big Ticket Events
  8. Media led Initiatives
  9. Coalition Marketing with OEMs and Partners

 What are the different strategies to expand your partner ecosystem?

Partners play a major role in our success to ensure that when organizations plan to move from a traditional business approach to the modern or digits, together, we help them throughout their digital transformation journey. We work closely with our partners to identify new advantages, sales opportunities, generate business leads. From the beginning, we carefully guide, support and train our partners with different training and certification program. We ensure that partners are equipped with all the tools and skillsets required to go and pitch in the market.

To attract partners, we use Crayon’s real-time competitive insights platform to enable sales to win more deals, improve marketing performance to break through crowded markets, and inform product and executive strategy to build and launch winning products.

To keep our channel community updated on recent tech innovations, we conduct frequent webinars, eLearning courses, knowledge sharing sessions, educational & awareness drives, certification drives, workshops, events, etc.

Share some advice to Modern Age Marketers.   

Modern age marketers require individuals to take account of many things while they draw their marketing activities be it events, industry associations, digital marketing, social media, mobile platforms, website designing, media engagements, etc. Always take a step back and try to see the bigger picture. Take a customer-first approach to your role, and get involved in the customer’s journey with an intention to improve your connections and relationships. Be a master in communication, and work closely within other departments for improved results. Understand one thing that you’re never too old or young to learn something new or to brush up your skills.

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