E-Business Technology Showcased

Computer Associates used the recent CA-World Asia 2000 at Shanghai to showcase its technology for e-business and unveil a clear-cut channel strategy. According to Charles Wang, Chairman, the future of the Internet revolution has never been brighter (see Industry Event on page 38).

The channel strategy unveiled at CA-World envisages the company working together with OEMs, distributors and resellers. The company is looking for a dramatic rise in partners in India. It is looking for 150-175 second-tier partners in the next few months from the current 50.

To attract partners to its fold, CA plans to roll out the VIP Program, which has proved successful worldwide. The company has entrenched itself well among channels in Asia with 80 distributors and 500 VIP resellers who bring in a business of over $ 100 million annually.

CA wants the channel to focus on e-business areas such as applications, management, bandwidth and service. In the area of applications, the company likes its partners to concentrate on finance and ERP. In the management area, the focus would be on storage, security, network and DBM management as well as TNG framework. While in the bandwidth area, ISPs, telecom and fixed networks will be focused on, in the service sector, CA wants its channels to work on counseling, implementation, training and outsourcing.

Some of the key products that CA wants its channel partners to sell include NetworkIT, eTrustAC, eTrustIDC, ManageIT, ARCserve 2000 and ARCserve 2000 for Linux. CA considers ARCserve 2000 its flagship product for the channel to sell. It is very optimistic that ARCserve Linux Special would do well in India because of the popularity of Linux here. The company is also promoting a number of software development tools through the channel since software development is big business in India.

Microsoft kickstarts new System Builders program



Microsoft launched a new promotion, The “SB Best Sellers” reward campaign, for members of their Microsoft OEM System Builders Program on November 19, 2000 in Mumbai. A six-month program of rewards was held for system assemblers who were invited to participate from Microsoft. The launch of the scheme coincides with Microsoft’s first end-customer focused television advertising campaign in India, on genuine software, starting from early December.

The Microsoft OEM System Builder Program has been working in India for about four years and is focused on providing sales and marketing assistance to PC assemblers through a host of benefits like technical support, training, demand generation activities, attractive schemes and promotions for active partners.

Speaking about the program, Rishi Srivastava, Marketing Manager, Microsoft said, “Our endeavor in the program is to support the efforts of System Builders in successfully building and selling new PC’s to their customers. We work closely with our partners on upgrading their ability to compete effectively in the market place for selling new PC’s, through a host of marketing activities”.

The launch of the “SB Best Sellers” reward program spreads over eight cities and stretches for nearly a month. The reach of the program is much larger as System Builders from other cities are also invited to participate. The launch will culminate at Calcutta on December 14, 2000 after having covered Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. “Our objective is to cover system builders across all major PC markets across India”, added Srivastava on the scope of the program.

The grand finale of the program will be the SB Best Seller award, will include a holiday for system builders to an exotic location accompanied by their spouses. In addition to the six-month scheme, Microsoft OEM will also run many exciting activities for System Builders within the six months starting December up to May 2001. “There are exciting times ahead both for the System Builders and for us at Microsoft (OEM),” said Srivastava of the nearly half-year long period ahead.


AMD announces channel initiatives at resellers seminar



Coinciding with the launch of AMD Athlon 1.2 GHz and AMD Duron 800 MHz processors in India, AMD announces some new channel initiatives at the Resellers Seminar here on November 14, 2000. Effective from November 15, this is the first reward-cum-certification program that is focused to develop and train the resellers here in India.

Currently distributing their processors in India through three national distributors, AMD’s comprehensive channel initiative will focus on developing a channel and minimizing the gray market. Titled AMD and Friends, it will help the resellers to create channel pull. Every AMD processor will come with an individualized card, which will bear an E-pal membership number. Using the number to register on the company website will enable the customer to avail all benefits that come with an AMD purchase. And on the other hand it will earn for the channel partner points. The points collected will entitle the reseller for a reward. Since all resellers will have to register on the company website to become a part of the program, it will provide AMD an opportunity to monitor their tier-two sales. Registered partners will also qualify for sales and marketing support that AMD will provide through a number of tools.

AMD plans to run a certification program to test the technical awareness of its channels. “A lot of marketing depends on the technical awareness of the channel,” says Ajay Kapur, the authorized Indian representative in India.

Recognizing the need to keep the resellers updated on the latest in technology, AMD will certify resellers after having qualified an objective-type test. The certification will be valid for six months only. This is to ensure that resellers constantly update themselves.

Announcing these initiatives, Chong Kum Shiong, Area Channel Manager said “Through the program, we will help our channel to sell AMD effectively and also reward the performers.”


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