E-Way Bill

E-Way Bill – DND Flyway for IT Channels

E-way Bill or Electronic Way Bill is an idiosyncratic bill, rolled out for the inter and intra-state movement of goods. Goods that are valued at more than Rs. 50,000 can’t be transported to another state without an E-Way Bill.

E-way bill came into force under the Good and services tax mechanism. The purpose behind generating the bill was to give a smoother journey to the transporters and curb corruption.

With GST turning One, let’s understand the perspective of channel community on E-way bill and its effectiveness.

How Effective Is E-Way Bill?

According to the IT channel partners, E-way bill is more effective compared to the previous entry bill. It is easier, transparent and contains each & every information, said Alok Gupta of Cache Infotech.

The process of issuing an E-way bill is simple and efficient, which has made it effective. Kailash Gupta, Director, ETSC Computers believes that the bill will go a long way in reducing lead time of deliveries and making logistics and movement of good much faster.

Adding to the discussion, Sudhir Goyal(Secretary, RCTA, Rajasthan) and Naveen Gupta(President, Jammu Computers Dealers Association)  shared that with bill there would be no manipulations in the sale, purchase invoices, unauthorized transactions and movement of goods without invoices will become impossible; all this will lead to good business practices.

Mahinder Aggarwal and Swaran Singh of ADCTA also commented, ” We welcome every change of modern world to bring transparency and corruption-free trade environment. As we belong to IT business, for us it’s good, easy, short and very effective compared to entry bill. But in the larger context, small traders of other trades are facing trouble. Also considering the speed variation in internet connection is affecting the traders. Govt. should consider and empower all the linked facilities to strengthen the present e-way bill system.”

Effects Of E-Way Bill On Business

The major reason behind generating GST and E-way bill was to be stringent towards unethical activities and corruption. While discussing the effects E-way bill had on businesses SwaranSingh stated, “E-way bill is good for every genuine trader.  But it’s takes your time, attention, money and only those traders will survive, who have qualified accounts department.”

On the other hand, Alok Gupta said that it is a faster activity, which saves time and allows the business to grow.

Whereas, for Kailash Gupta, the bill won’t affect his business, as his company is 100 per cent ethical and organized. He added, “Rather it will give us an edge over the competition who used to compete us by unethical means. Though it will throw challenges to even organized players due to stringent rules and regulations for intra-state billings /movements.”

Though, Naveen Gupta believes that the bill will have a no way affect, as it a replacement of Local VAT-65 form.

Implementation Of E-Way Bill

In the way of achieving a goal, implementation of rules and plans is the hardest. Thus, implementation of E-way bill is no different.

The ASIRT association in Maharashtra did face some initial issues in implementing the e-way bill. As there was no entry bill in the pre-GST era. In Mumbai, deliveries are done through the local train and further through Autos or Taxis. Moreover, part B of eWay Bill has to be edited for such mode of delivery, which many of the Partners are not clear about as the procedure is silent at present.

Sudhir Goyal too has already started training and educating the effective use of E-way bill to channel partners. Further, Kailash Gupta commented that implementation is smooth and simple. “However, GSTIN should be responsive to resolve issues for smooth transactions across India. If the process is followed correctly; it’s easy and smooth,” said Gupta.

Though, Swaran Singh feels that implementation is good for genuine dealers but Government should consider traders demand to give relief in the case of B2C trade.

All in all, E-way bill is a good initiative by the government of India. It will guide the way for a corruption free nation and easy inter and intra-state transportation of goods. Yet, there certain glitches which require attention to make the E-way bill process trouble-free.

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