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E-Way Bill generation is now a child’s play with BUSY, Rajesh Gupta, Busy Infotech

Rajesh Gupta, Co-Founder & Director Busy Infotech, elucidates BUSY’s competitive advantages over other accounting solutions

Q. Can you highlight the steps in Busy software that helps in auto-generation of an e-way bill?

E-Way Bill generation is now a child’s play with BUSY.  No need to login to E-Way Bill portal to generate E-Way Bill.  Same can be generated within BUSY with a single click.

Q. How does Busy differentiate itself from other accounting software in terms of auto-generation of an e-way bill?

BUSY is the first accounting software to provide this facility.  Others contemporary software have yet to introduce this facility.

Q. How has this benefited Busy’s customer? Can you elaborate in quantitative terms?

Going to E-Way Bill portal for e-way bill generation takes around 10 minutes for a single E-Way Bill whereas from BUSY it is done in 10 seconds.  Assuming on average 10 E-Way Bills being generated by each user on daily basis, BUSY can save more than I hour on daily basis for each customer.  This one hour can be used in other business related productive works.

Q. What is the feature upgrades planned to make this software improve?

As the world is moving towards the cloud and mobile we have also started focusing on the same.  We have already introduced Mobile App and in future, we plan to focus more on mobility and connectivity.

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