Emerging Opportunities in 2022 in SaaS and Engineering Solutions

Emerging Opportunities in 2022 in SaaS and Engineering Solutions for the coming year when the hybrid work situation shall prevail

Archana Verma
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SaaS and other engineering solutions and services are becoming very important, especially in the post-lockdown period. SaaS can be very low-cost and can provide efficient IT solutions to businesses. Similarly, other engineering solutions can help businesses to achieve business growth.


Industry leaders have given their comments about the emerging opportunities in these fields.

Harishanker Kannan, Co-founder & CEO, ProMobi Technologies says, "SaaS companies have been at the forefront of digital transformation for quite some time now. The year 2022 would be nothing different and is expected to see exponential growth for all new-age SaaS startups. The post-pandemic world has accelerated the move from traditional on-prem services to SaaS products. Now small medium-sized enterprises to large enterprises, all are adopting SaaS applications to enhance their business productivity and efficiency."

Engineering Solutions

"Many organisations would be going digital and needless to say mobile would be the most preferred platform. The onset of remote and hybrid work setup has led to the need of deploying scalable SaaS solutions that can offer device & endpoint security, enhance employee productivity, and enable seamless team communication."

--Harishanker Kannan, Co-founder & CEO, ProMobi Technologies


He adds, "The new work environment we are witnessing post pandemic has opened new avenues for employees to work remotely using their own devices or company-owned devices. This has created a need for strong Mobile Device Management and Endpoint Management platforms tailored for businesses from various sectors. Year 2022 will witness increased demand for such engineering solutions from sectors like education, logistics, financial services, healthcare, retail and many more to secure and manage the devices."

He concludes, "The need for MDM is no more limited to just securing and managing the devices but also in enhancing and improving profitability by simplifying the business process."

Piyush Jha, Senior VP, Strategy & Technology APAC, GlobalLogic says about engineering solutions,“If 2021 was the year for novel technologies that took a leap of faith in enabling our fight against Covid, 2022 will be the year where it’s ubiquitous influence will transform our lives to make it more seamless and connected. Like the internet of the yore and SMAC of last decade, the DARQ and digital twin stacks will no longer just stand when called out, they will simply live and evolve with us every moment."


Engineering Solutions

"With virtual and real models, it will be possible to take quality education to the remote and under-privileged at a fraction of the cost it is today. This is perhaps one of the greatest times to be in the knowledge industry.”

--Piyush Jha, Senior VP, Strategy & Technology APAC, GlobalLogic

He further adds, "One area I believe is expected to benefit the most is ‘education’. The immersive stack - rapidly mainstreaming as meta and omni-verses - will help make education more experiential, like how it should be. Students will be able to sense and feel numerous parts of the brain and the digestive tract, budding engineers will be able to dis-assemble and re-assemble parts of an automobile, and vocational training will become twice as efficient with the availability of right tools."

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