Employee sacked for fraud in Comnet Vision

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Fraudulent activities are a major cause of concern for the dealers in Delhi.

In one of the worst cases reported, PK Sharma, CEO, Comnet Vision recently

suffered a monitory loss when one of his own employees duped him. The employee

handles accounts at the West Delhi-based office cum retail store in Janakpuri.


“Once everything is finalized and the accused is arrested, we will disclose

the matter in detail to the public so that such incident is not repeated with

any other fellow dealers. There is nothing to hide about the case, but since it

is at a sensitive stage, it won't be wise to take steps hastily,” informed

Sharma. He further stated that since the amount of loss was very big, the entire

fraud was executed in a planned manner.

PK Sharma, CEO, Comnet


Sharma also said that he had sensed negative intentions of this employee in

June this year, and was keeping a close watch on him and terminated his service

in November.