Empower IT Channel Partners - Hitachi Vantara Partner Program

Hitachi Vantara is providing its services to fulfill the demands of the cloud computing sector. IT Channel partners can rely on this brand.

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IT Channel Partners Hitachi Vantara Partner Program

In this unique column in DQ channels; we are exploring initiatives and schemes offered by top IT computer hardware and software brands for the channel partners. Let’s check out the Hitachi Vantara subsidiary of Japanese brand Hitachi Ltd.; A detailed analysis and its latest offering for the partner ecosystem.


Different organizations are reliant on cloud computing to manage and restore their data. It helps them to save their big data files, recover mail, manage data analytics, and more. As cloud computing is taking the place of physical storage; it has a huge demand in different sectors. Moreover, Hitachi Vantara is providing its services to fulfill the demands of this sector. 

Hitachi offers channel partners or resellers a partner ecosystem where both parties can achieve success. 

Key Highlights of the Hitachi IT Channel Partner Program


Hitachi has a partner-first approach. They look forward to assisting the partners in achieving their goals. Likewise, Hitachi offers resources and tools that would help to meet customer requirements and improve sales.

Partner Connect Portal: 

It offers personalized tools for marketing, training, onboarding, etc., and helps channel partners to achieve their goals and increase their business.



Helpful kits for campaigns, specialized assets, go-to-market planning and support program, and many customized resources are available to help resellers.



It is the most important aspect where with the assistance of Hitachi’s pricing tools and guidance provides instant deal process and approvals. Their AI-driven price engine approves more than 60% of channel partner deals within an hour. 

Training and Enablement:

Edge-to-Core-to-Cloud Infrastructure, Intelligent Data Operations, and Data-Driven Solutions are offered by Hitachi. High incentives are there for deal registration.


Help and Support:

Hitachi provides a range of valuable resources to its partners. These resources include a dedicated partner manager, an AI specialist for virtual ask-the-expert assistance, a partner service desk, and a partner portal. These tools are designed to support partners and facilitate their engagement with Hitachi. Consequently, leading to a smooth and fruitful partnership experience.

To ensure a seamless and successful journey, Hitachi provides these tools to their channel partners.


Hitachi follows a successful reseller model -

Hitachi participates actively in Resell business model and builds a successful practice centered around reselling Hitachi Vantara products, solutions, and services. By engaging in this model, partners gain access to new avenues for growth and achieve profitable business outcomes. This approach serves as a solid foundation for channel partners where they can reap the benefits of collaborating with Hitachi Vantara.

Benefits -


Deal registration discounts and Market Development Funds (MDF), rebates, and incentives for the partners.

Resources -

Demo Program, online training, and competency learning paths are there to help resellers.

Partner Ecosystem

Primary channel partners types include Alliances, ISVs, Developers, OEMs, and more.

Top 8 Features Offered by Hitachi for the IT Channel Partners

Pitch perfectly with Hitachi

Hitachi’s Partner Connect portal and Digital Selling Platform enhances the sales pitch with different learning modules. Furthermore, It offers deal configuration tools that have the best recommendations that can match the customer's requirements.

Sharpen your Expertise as an IT Channel Partner

Edge-to-Core-to-Cloud Infrastructure, Intelligent Data Operations, and Data-Driven Solutions are three key areas on which Hitachi has a focus. Mobile-friendly access makes their portal easy to use and helps channel partners to fulfill clients’ needs and sell the products easily.

Expanding opportunities 

Hitachi’s portfolio comprises multi-vendor and cloud-based services. In addition, Given the market of cloud computing, they offer customized services for each customer. 

Close deals faster

They offer intelligent pricing automation which helps to seal the deals at much faster. With the Hitachi Vantara Partner Program, channel partners have all that they need to empower their businesses and drive profitability and growth. 

Build trust.

Hitachi has built a global reputation for its commitment to delivering on promises. For more than 20 years, they upheld our 100% data availability guarantee, ensuring uninterrupted business operations for 80% of the Fortune 100 companies. They have built trust among customers and partners alike with a good reputation.

Expand into new markets

Resellers can access various potential prospects who are poised to enter the domain of cloud computing. Hitachi possesses an understanding of industries such as energy, utilities, manufacturing, construction, and transport. Coupled with over 50 years at the forefront of IT, they have unparalleled expertise in OT/IT integration. They have seamlessly incorporated this knowledge into their comprehensive portfolio of IoT, IIoT, and Smart Spaces solutions, as well as our Partner Learning Platform.

Offer financial flexibility

IT Channel partners can access a range of XaaS consumption options. It includes purchase, lease, and EverFlex - A flexible pay-as-you-go-model. This financial flexibility helps offers more options for the partners as well as their customers. 

 Clean and green approach

Hitachi believes in sustainability. Subsequently, They work with governments, and companies combined with an industrial knowledge of reducing the carbon footprint. They have set their targets to neutralize carbon footprint by 2030. Moreover, Hitachi has launched products that reduce power consumption by 32%. These practices make Hitachi a preferred choice in the cloud computing domain. 

To sum up, Hitachi has a strong partner-centric approach. They have policies that are sustainable and beneficial for the resellers and the customers.

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