Empowering IT Channel Partners: Detailed Analysis of Dell’s Partner Program

In this unique column in DQ channels; we are exploring initiatives and schemes offered by top IT brands for the channel partners.

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Empowering IT Channel Partners Detailed Analysis of Dells Partner Program

In this unique column in DQ channels; we are exploring initiatives and schemes offered by top IT computer hardware and software brands for the channel partners. Let’s check out the  American giant Dell; A detailed analysis and its latest offering for the partner ecosystem.


Dell is a known name on the Indian shores. In 2023, it has recently launched an updated version of its partners’ program. Dell is trying to increase its reach and encash the WFH and Hybrid work culture. Last year in Q3 Dell recorded a record 50% sales and growth in double digits from their partner ecosystem.

That’s why, Dell is looking forward to strengthening their collaboration with their channel partners. They are offering an as-a-service platform named APEX and expanding resell availability of APEX cloud services. Certain enhancements are offered as an opportunity for the APEX partners -

Comprehensive product category -


To simplify the incentive structure, Dell has introduced a single and harmonized APEX+ order for all incitement-eligible Dell APEX results, now including Dell APEX Flex on Demand in addition to Dell APEX outgrowth-grounded offers. Rebates and earned MDF apply across all the categories for the eligible partners.

Partner Deployment -

With the introduction of partner deployment, Dell empowers partners to independently implement specific Dell APEX solutions according to their preferences. By leveraging their existing Service Delivery Competencies, partners gain increased control over deployment options, allowing them to offer value-added specialty services and expand their capabilities.


Dell Apex Competency -  

Dell has introduced a Dell APEX competency to facilitate partner learning of the Dell APEX portfolio. During the partner's competency development, all metal-tiered partners will qualify for base rebates on APEX+ offerings. This initiative would encourage partners to enhance their expertise while incentivizing their engagement with Dell APEX solutions.

Apart from these new additions, there are some comprehensive existing features -


Program Structure -

Dell has structured its channel partners program to various levels, i.e., Registered, preferred, premium, and titanium tiers. Each tier has its own set of benefits for the partners which are upgraded based on the partner’s performance and market reach.

Training and Enablement -


Dell offers partners a wide range of training resources to help them increase their knowledge about the product and gain expertise. There are certain training modules, certifications, sales, and technical training. They also offer access to Dell’s partner portal updated product information.

Deal Registration-

This channel partner program provides deal registration benefits. Their assists partner to register and protect their opportunities. Partners have secure pricing advantages and their investment is safe in pre-sales activities.


Incentives and Rewards -

Dell offers competitive incentives, rewards, and rebates to help partners to reach their sales targets and induce their business growth. Financial incentives, special promotions, and other certifications are offered to recognize the efforts of the channel partners.

Solution Portfolio -


Dell's Channel Partner Program covers a wide range of products and solutions, including client devices, servers, storage, networking, software, and services. This allows partners to offer comprehensive solutions to meet their customers' IT needs.

Partner Rewards Program -

Dell's Channel Partner Program includes a partner rewards program that recognizes and rewards partners for their sales achievements and commitment to Dell's solutions.

Overall, Dell's Channel Partner Program aims to promote a strong channel partner ecosystem, providing partners with the necessary resources, support, and incentives to drive business growth, deliver exceptional customer experiences, and maximize the value of Dell's technology solutions.

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