Empowering IT Channel Partners: HP Amplify Partners Program

This program is designed for the channel partners of HP; emphasizing collaboration, innovation, and sustainability for its channel partners.

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Empowering IT Channel Partners HP Amplify Partners Program

In this unique column in DQ channels; we are exploring initiatives and schemes offered by top IT computer hardware and software brands for the channel partners. Let’s check out the top American brand HP; the schemes it is offering for the partner ecosystem.


HP is a trusted name in India when it comes to the PC and Laptop categories. The HP Amplify partner program is the upgraded version of its last HP partner program. This program is specially designed for the channel partners of HP; mainly emphasizing collaboration, innovation, and sustainability for its channel partners all over the world. 

Luciana Broggi, HP’s Global Head of Route-to-Market stated that “HP and its partners have an enormous and exciting opportunity to reinvent the way we do business and our route-to-market. Yet addressing these opportunities requires overcoming system inadequacies, and legacy habits, and embracing new business models. However, We’re making this leap together, embracing and investing in important changes to our ecosystem and our shared capabilities.”

India is the fastest-growing market for the computer hardware sector. That’s why IT giants like HP, are focussing on the growth of their market size in the Indian domain. Some of the Key features of the HP Amplify program are - 


Streamlined Structure:

The program simplifies the partner engagement model. It offers a clear and unified structure for partners to navigate. It is specifically meant for partners who deal in HP’s personal systems and printing solutions. The program has numerous ways designed for different partner types, such as resellers, service providers, and systems integrators.

Performance-Based Tiers:


It has three levels basically, i.e. silver, gold, and platinum. As a result, These levels are defined based on the performance endured by the channel partners. 

Enhanced Partner Experience:

The program assists channel partners with various resources and tools which help them to accumulate profits and deliver great customer experience. For instance, It includes personalized marketing strategies, training, and sales support.


Sustainability Focus:

HP understands the need of the hour is sustainability. Furthermore, This program encourages partners to adopt practices that are environment-friendly and facilitates sustainable products and services.

The performance-based tiered structure followed by HP's partner program -


Platinum Level

Platinum is the highest level within the partner program. Subsequently, The channel partners who gross the highest sales are included in the platinum level. Not only that, partners who achieve the highest rating by the customers. 

Benefits - 

  • Access to HP resources, programs, and support. 
  • Dedicated partner support and executive engagement.
  • Improved marketing development funds and opportunities for joint marketing activities.
  • Exclusive training and development resources.
  • Priority consideration for lead generation and deal registration.
  • Advanced co-selling opportunities with HP.

Gold Level

Gold is the mid-level of the Amplify partner program. Likewise, this program is designed for partners who perform consistently and exceed their targets.


Benefits - 

  • Support fund for marketing purposes.
  • Training and development programs for the partners to help them with the latest product and services.
  • Deal registration benefits for partners’ investment.
  • Opportunity with HP under a co-selling program.

Silver Level 

This is the first or the entry-level tier of the HP Amplify Partner Program. Consequently, It lays a strong foundation for a long-term association with HP. 

Benefits -

  • In this program, HP offers a small amount of funds for marketing purposes.
  • Co-marketing support for the partners.
  • Access to all HP’s partners’ support programs.
  • Deal registration benefits are also there.

HP Amplify partner program focuses on the development of their partners from the entry level. Moreover, With the business growth, they provide extra benefits to their channel partners. 

Specially designed benefits are there for each level of the program. Furthermore, Partners who achieve high sales volume and a wide reach to the customers are rewarded with the platinum level of benefits, followed by the gold and silver tiers.

Profits and sustainability go hand-in-hand for HP. Meanwhile, They encourage their partners to follow environment-friendly practices. To sum up, HP follows a channel-friendly approach and believes in strengthening the relationship with its channel partners. 

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