Empowering IT Channel Partners: Schemes and Initiatives by Lenovo

The Lenovo Partner Engage Program is an initiative for channel partners in India. This initiative offers tiered growth to its partners.

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Empowering IT Channel Partners Schemes and Initiatives by Lenovo

In this unique column in DQ channels; we are exploring initiatives and schemes offered by top IT computer hardware and software brands for the channel partners. Let’s check out the top Chinese brand Lenovo; schemes it is offering for the partner ecosystem.


The Lenovo Partner Engage Program is an initiative to support channel partners in India. This initiative offers tiered growth to its partners. Likewise, Some of the key features and benefits of the Lenovo Partner Engage Program - 

Well-defined tiered structure

This program has tiered levels; for instance, it starts with the authorized level all partners who register start with this level. Subsequently, as per the size of the revenue the level rises from, silver, gold, to platinum level. 


Sales Incentive -

Lenovo has partner-specific sales incentives. It includes special discounts, bonuses for achieving higher sales revenue, and special rebates to motivate channel partners to achieve the required targets. 

Marketing and promotional support -


Lenovo delivers marketing support to channel partners under this program. They provide access to marketing collateral such as digital and print mediums to promote the brand. Also, organize campaigns to help partners promote Lenovo’s products and IT solutions products effectively.

Training and Enablement -

The partner engagement program helps channel partners with training resources, certifications, workshops, and other programs to enhance partners’ knowledge and sales expertise. Subsequently, It helps partners to develop a thorough understanding of Lenovo’s products and other offerings. 


Technical Assistance -

Channel partners can benefit from technical assistance provided by Lenovo through the Partner Engage Program. In addition, Lenovo offers support in terms of pre-sales consultation, technical guidance, and post-sales support; ensuring that partners have the necessary expertise to deliver superior customer experiences.

Deal Registration -


Channel partners have exclusive rights to seek and close the deals. They can register their sales opportunities with Lenovo. As a result, It aids partners to save their investment of time and money.

Partner Relationship Management -

Lenovo focuses on building strong relationships with its channel partners. Through the Partner Engage Program, Lenovo assigns dedicated account managers who work closely with partners, providing guidance, and support, and fostering collaboration to drive mutual success.


Rewards and Recognition -

Lenovo acknowledges the contribution of its partners in driving the business revenue. Consequently, Their partner engagement program includes recognition and rewards for the high-performing partner.

The latest offering for partners is Earn with Lenovo App. It helps a large number of partners pan India to associate with Lenovo directly. Moreover, Partners can directly upload their revenue reports and can directly receive their incentives.


Furthermore, This app assists partners with training presentations and videos. They have upgraded the reward structure and offer new business opportunities which allow partners to easily incentivize their business with Lenovo. Moreover, This program reflects Lenovo's commitment to nurturing strong and mutually beneficial partnerships with its channel ecosystem in India. To sum up, Lenovo is aiming to enable channel partners to grow exponentially in the market; achieve new milestones, and add value to their customers and clients.

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