Engaging with Channel Partners for Security with Seqrite

Quickheal has been growing with its new brand Seqrite and it regards channel  partners as important agencies to grow further. Sanjay Katkar, JMD,  Quickheal, discusses this with us in an exclusive interaction

Overall journey of Seqrite
Seqrite was established in 2015 as an independent brand with a promise to deliver robust cybersecurity and data protection products and solutions to enterprise corporate customers. The objective was to cater to the specific cybersecurity requirements of Indian businesses with an eye on Global expansion with superior tech-led products.
We wanted to provide enterprises of all sizes – from SMBs to large corporate houses and multinational companies – with the tools they need to defend themselves against a fast-evolving threat landscape.
Over the last three years, we have made steady inroads in this space and today we have a customer base of more than 32,000 enterprises securing millions of endpoints across the globe. While Seqrite and its flagship product Endpoint Security was gaining traction in the market, we focused on launching and stabilizing other products like Unified Threat Management, Secure Web Gateway, Enterprise Mobility Management and Data Protection (Encryption and Data Loss Prevention).
The stellar market reception that Seqrite has received is largely thanks to its focus on deep security research and constant innovation, as well as the 25 years of cybersecurity excellence of Quick Heal Technologies, the parent organisation. Quick Heal Security Labs, our in-house team of security researchers, continuously analyses threat data from millions of Quick Heal and Seqrite products across the globe to come up with cutting-edge threat intelligence. These insights allow us to develop more relevant and effective security solutions to combat the fast-evolving threat landscape by leveraging advanced technologies such as predictive analytics, security automation, AI, and machine learning.
Thanks to this focus on deep threat research and constant security innovation, Seqrite has been recognised as a domain-leading enterprise security brand by multiple industry bodies. Our Endpoint Security  solution was recently felicitated with the Best Performance 2018 award  by the AV-Test Institute for delivering the most consistent endpoint
security with minimal impact on system resources.  The parent organisation, Quick Heal Technologies, has also received
a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)  for its pioneering Anti-Ransomware Technology. The technology  utilises signature-less behavioural detection and intelligent algorithms  to proactively identify and block known and unknown ransomware  attacks in real-time. Seqrite is the first Indian enterprise security brand  to leverage such an innovative, indigenously-developed solution.
Future plans
Constant innovation is at the core of Seqrite which is backed  by Quick Heal’s 25 years legacy as a domain-leading provider of  cybersecurity products and solutions. We will continue to innovate and  further augment and enhance our product offerings to better manage  security and secure bigger networks supporting larger organisations   with presence in multiple geographies.   We are looking to enhance and expand our existing portfolio of security offerings with products like Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR). We will follow it up with the deployment of XDR solutions which will cover a much broader range of use-cases. Moreover, we are aiming to offer customised security products to organisations across multiple industries, as well as to explore cross-selling and upselling opportunities.
We plan to strengthen our enterprise channel network in order to penetrate deeper into our target markets and to better cater to the demand for state-of-the-art enterprise security solutions. We are also targeting deeper inroads into the data protection space with products like Encryption and DLP especially in the current regulatory environment around data privacy both in India and on a Global level.
Major challenges in security market and its acceptance at partner level

The growing convergence between traditional processes and new-age technologies has increased the attack surface available to cybercriminals. As a result, any successful breach has a much bigger impact on business operations.
Threat actors are also leveraging innovative technologies such as machine learning, blockchain, and artificial intelligence to automate their attack campaigns and target enterprises at unparalleled speed and scale. Traditional attack methodologies such as ransomware and crypto have become more sophisticated. IoT devices are being targeted and converted into large-scale botnets to be used for cryptomining operations or sophisticated DDoS attacks on online services. All of this is indicative of how fast the threat landscape is evolving at present.
Stakeholders in the cybersecurity domain need to evolve in pace with it – including channel partners. This is why, at Seqrite, we constantly keep our channel partners up to date about the latest domain and business developments through on-ground engagement and knowledge-sharing initiatives. We also conduct regular training of partner sales and support teams to ensure the most effective and relevant deployment of security solutions for every enterprise customer. These measures not only help us to provide our customers with better security products and superlative after-sales service but also to drive higher engagement with our channel partners.

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