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Enjay IT Solutions Celebrates Its 19 Years with Cloud Telephony

Enjay IT Solutions completes 19 years and introduced cloud telephony services on this celebratory occasion.

Enjay IT is a Software product Development company from Rural India. They develop very innovative solutions such as CRM, IPPBX, Call Center Solutions, Cloud Telephony, Tally on Cloud, Thin Clients, Linux on Desktop and other upcoming products.

Limesh Parekh, CEO of Enjay IT Solutions shares his 19 years of experience and major developments.

“Eventful is the one word which comes to my mind regarding this. Major developments have been many when Enjay transformed from a Thin Client (hardware) company to a CRM (A cloud Software) Company. The biggest strength of Enjay is the Team and Culture that we have. We are fortunate to have very enthusiastic and dedicated Team members with us.”

Enjay’s Cloud Telephony Services

While talking about its cloud telephony plan, Limesh comments, “On the surface, it seems that Cloud telephony market in India is very crowded and saturated. Then why did Enjay come into this market so late? In fact, we identified one big problem with Cloud telephony providers here in India. Their plans are very complicated for normal people to understand. This creates doubt and uncertainty in the minds of people. So we have come up with a plan where everything is limited and there is a fixed cost per month for the billing. This is revolutionary in the Indian market.”

Most of the times, Cloud telephony is used along with some software (typically a CRM); though, maximum cloud telephony players are telecom players. Enjay is the only one with in-depth expertise in CRM space and its offering is tightly bundled with our CRM Software platform.

Moreover, Enjay has have been into IPPBX and Call centre solution for more than 11 years. So bringing that technology to Cloud was not that difficult. Rather it was quite a natural progression for Limesh’s team.

The technology behind cloud telephony plan

Enjay IT Solutions already have a product called Enjay Synapse, which is a Telephony and call centre Solution product. So they created a cloud version of the same called Synapse Online. They have been working on this Cloud Technology for the last 3 years. And now, they are ready and even the market is ready for the same.

Challenges Faced In Deploying Cloud Telephony

Talking about challenges on the way to make cloud telephony deployable, he said “We have come from traditional Telephony and Call centre business. So, compared to that Cloud Telephony is much easier to deploy. The only challenge currently is the mindset in India. Most of the Indian businessmen believe in Capex Model rather than the Opex Model. We want to own everything. But that too is changing very fast.”


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