Epson launches projector upgrade models

DQC Bureau
New Update


February 20th, 2008


Epson has launched upgrade models to its range of ceiling-mounted projectors.

Featuring longer lamp life and a new pre-failure alert, the Epson EMP-6110 and

Epson EMP-6010 offer dust and smoke resistance.

The projectors use a new lamp that lasts 1.4 times longer compared to

conventional lamps. With lamp life at 4,000 hours (in low brightness mode),

users have less downtime. The new projectors also feature a practical Direct

Power-On and Off function. he EMP-6110 is automatically activated and ready for

use when the power plug is switched on at the source (i.e. at the power socket).

To ensure uninterrupted operations, the new projectors come equipped with a

new air filter cleaning notification. This function alerts users via onscreen

warning when it is time to clean or replace the air filter. Alternatively, there

is also a LED indictor on the projector. The Epson EMP-6110 and Epson EMP-6010

secure its air intake with an electro-statically charged air filter to arrest

dust and smoke particles.


The new projectors boast a spacious internal layout, which guides the flow of

air within the projector for efficient cooling. The projectors also feature a

sealed casing, which encloses essential internal components for maximum

protection against harmful elements.

To protect the projectors against theft and authorised use, Epson has

integrated physical and software security features. The projectors have a built

in 'security bar' to secure the projector to ceiling mountings. For complete

peace of mind, the new projectors also offer enhanced security features

including 'Power-On Protect', 'User's Log-On Protect' and 'Timer Protect'.

The Epson EMP-6110 is also network-capable. With this, users can access

projector functions via a remote PC. By using the proprietary EMP Monitor

software, users can monitor status of every networked projector. Epson EMP-6010

is priced at Rs. 1,42,700 while the Epson EMP-6110 is priced at Rs. 2,06,900.