Escalate the issue; if not resolved escalate it further

DQC Bureau
New Update

Nashik:Post-sales services, dead-on-arrival (DOA) policy and maximum retail price were some of the key issues taken up by the channel community in the DQ Week IT Panchayat, held in Nashik on December 3. Nearly 95 distributors, resellers turned up to air grievances and find out solutions of the problems, which are resulting in loss in revenue.

Channel confronted the panelists-Nygate from Ingram Micro, Santosh Dalmia from Rashi Peripherals, Rohit Pohurkar from Redington India, Sanat Jain of Acer Computech and Ajay Sonar of CAN when the representatives of Computer Association of Nashik ( CAN) rose the issue of post sale services, which is affecting almost every one in the community. Sanat Jain of Acer Cybertech and Ajay of India Computers Electronics represented CAN.

Sandeep Landhu of West Trading Corporation complained problems in newly-bought printers, which is yet to be resloved since last two months, despite repeated attempts. “ The service center should have buffer stock, so the products having problems should be replaced without any hassles,” said Landhu. Similarly, Nitin Gite of Nice Computers also raised an unresolved issue of a two month old DOA case of 14 monitors.

In reply the jury members passed the responsibility to vendors, saying that they do not have much role to play in post-sales and DOA cases. However, they urged the community people to come forward and report the case to the respective distributors, so that they could put their best effort to resolve the issue in minimum possible time. While surmising the issue, moderator Vinita Bhatia, Executive Editor, DQ Channels suggested that the vendors or distributors should define the turn around time on any DOA cases. Besides, the moderator suggested that distributors should also take some responsibility of DOA and post-sales services and try to put some pressure of vendors for better service. At the same time she asked the channel community to escalate the issue, if it is not resolved then escalate it further.

Distributors billing over the maximum retail price (MRP), was the other major issue on the unique platform, where channel community and distributors sit together to resolve the issues. Besides, they also demanded a handsome margin between the MRP and the price at which a product is given to resellers. First the jury members passed the buck to vendors and said that the prices were risen regularly in the past, as a result it was not updated on the products. The answer did not go well with the channels. “ We face a lot of problem while selling a product to an end customer charging him above MRP. Distributors should not pass the buck to vendors every time. They should be made responsible, as we are buying the products from them only” lamented Satosh Trishna of Right System. He also demanded that the margin should be about 20-25 percent.

In the end the channels and jury member  agreed that rates should be properly updated. They have asked for a time of three weeks to resolve the issue and promised to increase the price margin between actual price and MRP.

Parallel imports, rate contact business, chip burn cases were some of the other issues discussed in the IT Panchayat.