AET Envision Partner Meet 2024 held in Bengaluru

AET LED Displays hosted the AET Envision Brilliance Partner Meet 2024 in Bengaluru. The event was held on April 20th at Citadel Sarovar Portico and was attended by more than 150 people.

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AET Displays Hosts Partner Meet 2024 in Bengaluru

AET Envision Brilliance Partner Meet 2024

AET LED Displays, a company operating in fine-pitch LED displays, organized the AET Envision Brilliance Partner Meet 2024 in Bengaluru. The event took place on April 20th at Citadel Sarovar Portico and was attended by more than 150 people. This group included the company’s distributors, system integrator partners, various staff members, government representatives, business partners, and audio-visual partners.


The event lasted for an entire day and included detailed presentations of products, thorough training sessions, and a showcase of AET’s past projects, focusing on opportunities for shared growth. The CEO of AET LED Displays India, Mr. Su Piow Ko, gave a keynote speech where he reiterated the company’s goals and objectives to those present.

Speaking on the occasion, Su Piow Ko, CEO at AET LED Displays India, expressed, “In India, there’s a growing readiness across industries to embrace digital transformation, with LED displays becoming indispensable for tasks like data analysis, monitoring, and advertising."

"We’re keen to seize this opportunity. Unlike other OEM LED Manufacturers in India. Our assembly line is a part of the Make in India initiative. We continue to collaborate and drive mutual growth with our partners in the Indian market. Our aim is to solidify our position among the top players in the LED display segment in India in the coming years.” he concluded.


Prashant Srivastav, Head of Marketing - India, stated, “Hosting the AET Envision Brilliance Partner Meet 2024 in Bengaluru was a momentous occasion for us. It was an opportunity to engage with our valued partners, showcase our latest innovations, and reaffirm our commitment to delivering excellence in LED display solutions.”

The event organized by AET LED Displays included sessions designed to cater to the needs of various participants. These sessions featured question-and-answer segments, opportunities for feedback, and discussions among key company figures.

During the evening, AET recognized the achievements of its partners through an awards ceremony. The company also introduced the AET Spark program, which is focused on building strategic partnerships and offering resources like certifications and marketing materials, as well as support for sales-related activities.


AET Displays has seen significant growth across the nation, offering a range of over 50 products and completing more than 2000 installations. The company has built a network that includes over 80 partners and distributors. AET also maintains an assembly plant, multiple offices, customer experience centers, and service centers throughout the country to ensure widespread support for its customers.

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