SAP NOW Mumbai - Unveiled New Offerings

SAP concluded SAP NOW an event dedicated to its customers and partners at Mumbai, Jio World Convention Centre. Over 2000 delegates attended this event. 

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SAP NOW concluded at the Jio World Convention Center.

Recently, SAP concluded SAP NOW an event dedicated to its customers and partners at Mumbai, Jio World Convention Centre. Over 2000 delegates attended this event. 


SAP introduced a recent 'sustainability study' revealing that 86% of Indian organizations perceive a significant correlation between sustainability and profitability. Consequently, they are increasing their investments in this area.

Commenting on the survey findings, Paul Marriott, President, of SAP Asia Pacific Japan, said, “The Asian market represents more than 50 percent of the world’s emissions, and so as one of the fastest growing hotbeds of innovation and economic activity in the region, India is in a unique position to lead the charge against climate change. It is an encouraging sign that more and more Indian organizations recognize this and are ready to embrace it.



Manish Prasad, President, and Managing Director of SAP Indian Subcontinent, further added, “Sustainability is now a business necessity rather than merely a moral duty. It can no longer be seen as distinct from the overall financial performance of the company. It is evident from the findings of our study that businesses that prioritize sustainability are more successful. The moment has come to consider carbon data similarly to financial data in all corporate processes by integrating financial and environmental decision-making.”

SAP also unveiled 'GROW with SAP for Scaleups,' a cloud offering to expedite innovation for growth-focused startups. Building upon last year's introduction of 'Grow with SAP'—a comprehensive cloud-native service tailored for midsize enterprises—this latest offering is specifically crafted to assist scaleups in streamlining scaling hurdles, enhancing daily operational efficiency, and sustaining rapid growth. It will be accessible for free for up to six months.

India boasts the world's third-largest startup ecosystem. According to a recent SAP-Zinnov study, more than 80% of startups in the Enterprise Tech, Health Tech, Retail, Logistics & AutoTech sectors have witnessed significant revenue growth and are prioritizing market expansion. This underscores the rapid expansion of Scaleups and their pivotal role in driving innovation, creating employment opportunities, and contributing to the GDP.


Some of the offerings for 'GROW with SAP' for Scaleups:

Increased Market Valuation: By integrating SAP's cloud solutions for streamlined operations, Scaleups can access real-time financial data and profitability analysis, thereby boosting bottom-line growth and enhancing market valuation.

Accelerated Time to Value: Embracing SAP's Cloud ERP allows companies to modernize core business processes rapidly, leveraging industry-specific tools and resources. This paves the way for quicker profitability and long-term success.


Facilitated Business Expansion: Scaling up necessitates venturing into new markets and regions while adhering to geographical regulations and laws. The adoption of SAP's advanced cloud solutions empowers Indian scaleups to meet new market demands, tax requirements, and business regulations by freeing up administrative tasks. This enables a sharper focus on core products, teams, and customers.

Streamlined 'Hire-to-Retire' Processes: Automation of the onboarding process enables growth-focused enterprises to streamline the entire 'hire-to-retire' cycle, enhancing the overall 'people experience' in alignment with the company's expansion plans.

Access to SAP's Ecosystem: Leveraging SAP's offerings, startups can expedite their growth, scaling, and exit strategies by networking and collaborating within SAP's global ecosystem through the hypergrowth hub.



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