‘Everything is one click away’- Fulsmita Banerjee

She is a dreamer (This is what her T-Shirt says…), Curious (this is what her facebook intro says…), Passionate, Motivating and technology lover….those are the words that define her. Who is she? She is known as Fulsmita Banerjee. She works as HR Head of Get My Parking.

She started her career with an NGO, moving on in her career; she solely handled BI department of a startup. “I have several notable accomplishments in my career. I started working full time with a NGO full time, then moved to a settle startup where I was handling BI department solely, I got the opportunity to work closely with the CXO’s of the company. I joined Get My Parking at its earliest stage, and today we are a team of almost 50, we are among the top startups in India.”




  • Your Fitness Mantra:  Walk & Talk
  • Your De-stressing Mantra:  Writing
  • Where you like to shop? Forever 21, H&M, Zara, Street Shopping
  • Your favorite holiday destination: Munsiari (Uttarakhand), Malvan Beaches, Seoul
  • 5 things you cannot live without:  Family (My Oxygen), Dance, Travel, Tea (Rose and Chamomile), Lip Balm


  • Wake up at: 7 AM
  • Morning activities: Yoga, Green Tea, Breakfast, Talk to my Mom
  • Leaving Office at: 10 AM
  • 1st half in office: Follow-up on tasks, create the day checklist, revert on all emails
  • Post Lunch: Recruitment work, Meetings, Brainstorming sessions
  • How you spend your evenings? : Kathak dance classes, part-time counseling.
  • Sleep time: 01:00 AM

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