Exclusive Interaction – Aditya Bhuwania, VP, VXL

VXL is a  Partner of Lenovo and has expanded its business beyond the borders of India to various countries abroad. Aditya Bhuwania, VP, VXL discussed about their IT requirements and challenges during lockdown.

What are the challenges in reaching your clients in 2020?

You might be aware about the current Covid-19 crisis; market is in quite complex situations. Analysing the market problems, we’re trying to supply our services via work from home. We are trying to focus more on the retaining customer and are still on any further market expansion until the whole thing is settled down. Our further plans are to come up with more high performing technologies for the effective growth in a working environment. One other challenge being Cyber Threats not only professionally but also personally. Data is one of the most important factors in big organizations for taking wise decisions. Security is one of the major reasons I feel why large corporate prefer Thin-Clients. Unlike PC thin-client store the information in the form of cloud which in turn makes it more secure and very less chances of information to be leaked due to exceptional situation. Beside this, Thin-Clients are eco-friendly and less electric consuming gadget.

How do you resolve these challenges?

VXL Instruments over a period of time has turned out to be the leader in High Performing Thin Client product. Our software solution is respected not only in India but also across the globe, they have been a perfect software partners with Lenovo. Our product and services are greatly utilized in India. The product and software we provide are Zero Thin-Client, High Performing Thin-Client, Digital signage software are some of the major technologies we provide. We are quite well positioned in India and across the globe. Our Brand Strategy is quite simple, to come up with a better solution and technologies as per our GTM Strategy. This may help people to work in an eco-friendly environment and also motivate them. As due to amidst the Covid-19 crisis we’re planning to come up with a new technology which can be implied by customers all over the globe even in this current Covid-19 crisis and lockdown. It’s a cloud desktop, Home working solutions and security desktop for all the people/employees working from home to work in more effective way. I believe everyone needs an eco-friendly and high performing technology for the effective work. We always plan to expand ourselves as an Indian MNC.

What kind of IT journey do you need to fulfil your business goals? 

The Covid-19 pandemic is another crisis that has become cause for innovation over the last few months. The virus outbreak, which has resulted in countless lockdowns and Work From Home scenarios the world over, is creating a massive push for closer engagement with partners along with exploring newer customers in tandem with keeping latest product pipeline updated. For the IT sector we did not anticipate that market stability would be such a big cause of concern to accomplish our business goals. Also we feel the need to create more awareness about thin clients which will generate further demand and efficiency at work.

How can you achieve these requirements?

VXL aims to create a better brand recall through sustained marketing activities along with creating closer and deeper engagements with partners in order to have a hands on approach to build a win win situation at both ends.

We have been considered as one of the technological leaders in this industry and in order to keep up with that we are well-informed and are ready to supply our customers with the latest hardware and software offerings for our clients.

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