Exclusive Interaction – Anurag Mehrotra, CEO, CMS IT Services

In today’s challenging times, offering services in Smart tech integration can help the partners to grow their business. Anurag Mehrotra, CEO, CMS IT Services, talks about his work in India and in international territories

 What Smart technologies such as Cloud, AI & ML and automation do you integrate with your services? How is their reception in different parts of India?

Anurag Mehrotra – We help over 300 global companies accelerate their digital transformation and leverage future-fit technology to be resilient, evolve with the market, and continuously enhance value.

We recently launched the Remote Automation Centre for Enterprise (RACE). It is India’s first shared service delivery model and competence centre for Intelligent Automation. RACE delivers the full power of AI-augmented robotic process automation amplified by the flexibility, scalability and support of a shared service. This makes IT-infrastructure automation affordable for organisations of all sizes.

We’ve received very encouraging feedback from all over the world. Our focus is to always make our customers’ lives easier by deploying risk-free and error-free repeatable models. To this end, we’ve developed our own IP, framework and best practices for technology integrations. We are extremely mindful of our customer’s unique environments. When the framework is implemented in a specific working environment, the solution “auto learns” to deliver predictive support.

We deliver a complete technology stack – hardware, software and business applications – so our customers can focus on making their customers happy.

How are the Systems Integration services evolving in 2021 across India in SMBs and the large enterprises?

Anurag Mehrotra – Today, the most interesting aspects of the systems integration market are 1) Cloud maturity, 2) data analytics and security, and 3) hybrid integration frameworks. Leveraging the cloud is on everyone’s wishlist. The implementation focus is on application migration (to cloud), managed services for the cloud, defensible cybersecurity and digital experience.

In the enterprise segment, there is a clear evolution to hybrid multi cloud environments. Alongside this, compliance and data security challenges are escalating. The SMB customer has an obvious preference for SaaS applications that free up resources and deliver a hassle-free IT management experience.

It’s an exciting journey to keep pace with rapidly changing customer needs as well as evolving technologies.

Are you expanding abroad? How do you find the markets abroad as compared to the Indian markets?

Anurag Mehrotra – Yes, we are expanding our footprint in West Asia and Asia Pacific regions. These are growing markets with an appetite for distributed cloud deployments, SaaS, open standards, advanced analytics, and mobility. With our top-notch cloud, digital, automation and cybersecurity expertise and a core strength in leveraging optimal technologies, we’re a good fit for these markets.

We are also developing new models to support primary service providers in more mature markets. We will leverage our deep implementation expertise and partner with the global ecosystem to deliver world-class, cost effective services from India.

What are the challenges you’re facing and how do you resolve them?

Anurag Mehrotra – Service businesses are often plagued by a lack of best-in-class talent and difficulty in retaining resources. We advocate new age technologies like Cloud, automation and cyber security that lean heavily on other technologies like AI and ML. This reduces person-specific dependency, frees up resources and makes it easy to scale and adapt. It also results in faster and predictable support leading to higher uptime and greater customer satisfaction.

Another challenge is change management in the customer environment. Traditionally, end users prefer “on-demand” support that they can tap anytime. The new approach is to remove such dependencies and make users self-reliant. This calls for a change in mindset and culture. It can be achieved; it just requires patience and discipline.

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