Deepak NG, Director, Dassault Systèmes

Exclusive Interaction: Deepak NG, Director, Dassault Systèmes

An IT industry leader stays ahead in emerging markets by collaborating with marketing partners at different levels. Deepak NG, Director, Dassault Systèmes, tells us about the dynamics of his organization’s marketing partnership ventures

What are the marketing programmes of Dassault Systèmes – channel partnerships, franchisee, direct deals with the end-users etc and how they operate?

 We are investing in marketing events through seminars, events, and roadshows. You can witness our presence in Smart City Expo India 2019. Our business model will continue to work the way we operate, which involves both direct and indirect model depending on the nature and technical complexity of the project.  We have strong SI’s like Aurion Pro and Gram Tarangand VAR’s like EDS, TTL who help us to expand our footprint and reach by joining hands to support key 3D City projects.

Does Dassault Systèmes provide training to partners in order to stay updated?

 Currently, our priority is to build proximity and presence in India through our partners and train them to serve our customers in India. We believe in continuous skill enhancement so that our employees and our partners are up to date with our technology. We conduct hand-holding sessions, webinars and frequent workshops to create the workforce of the future

How does an organisation become a partner of Dassault Systèmes and what is the geographical spread of it in India?

We have several teams working closely with several state governments based on the requirements. So once we identify the scope of the work of a project, we definitely require system integrators support to pull it off with wonderful outcomes. We are being aligned to the system integrators, we are onboarding different System Integrators depending upon their skills in this field and area and basis the location of the project. Currently, our geographical spread is in the North, South, and West, extending up to Gujarat.  We have a strong mechanism in terms of getting our partners on-board, by understanding their capability, knowledge about the initiative/project and the required workforce. So they may be the primary contractor, they may be our technology partner sometimes and sometimes we may be the primary contractors and they may be helping us with providing the required resources.

Two of our key partners is Aurion Pro and Gram Tarang Technologies. They are also into smart cities projects and we are encouraging small players as well so that they can also build up their capabilities. So this point of time we have official contracts with Aurion Pro and Gram Tarang Technologies.



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