Exclusive Interaction – Devita Saraf, CEO, The Vu Group

Devita Saraf, CEO, The Vu Group, speaks to us about a TV-cum-video product fr video conferencing in this interaction.

Nowadays a laptop with a video conferencing software is more convenient for people. Why would they go for a TV-cum-video conferencing system?
When you do a video meeting on a laptop, mobile phone or a DIY solution like a store-bought webcam and mic, it is routine to experience ergonomic and technical issues. Such solutions have terrible picture and sound quality and are tiring to use. Your brain also gets stressed as you are looking at a small screen. The human mind does not see it as if you are actually talking to a person. This is now termed as Zoom fatigue.
During our research, we realised that we needed a system that could work well in different environments and lighting conditions, with flexibility in terms of cross-platform support so that professionals across industries could use it seamlessly. That’s what we are offering with Meeting by Vu, which has revolutionised video conferencing. It is incredibly flexible, easy to use and ergonomic. You will never experience laptop fatigue again thanks to its large 4K display, high quality camera and noise-suppressing mic.
Does this TV have energy saving features?
At Vu, sustainability is an important value for us. So, we always want to make products which are easy to use, high on tech and geared towards the future that we are going to live in. We use the latest RHS practices i.e. recycling of hazardous materials and we also partner with e-waste programmes to help our customers recycle their old TVs in a sustainable manner.
How will your product compete against other similar well-known brands in terms of quality and pricing?
The Meeting by Vu is the first of its kind, not just for India but for the entire world. Many companies have video-conferencing solutions for the enterprise level, but these are typically proprietary and require the same hardware at both ends. They are also expensive, consume a lot of bandwidth and have complicated installation requirements. At the other end, there’s software like Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet that have seen an exponential growth this year because of the pandemic. But these offer less than desirable experiences on small screens with low quality audio and video.

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