Exclusive Interaction Kuldeep Malhotra, Director & VP, Konica Minolta India

How are the printing and related technologies copies during lockdown?  Kuldeep Malhotra, Director & V.P. Sales and Office Marketing & Planning, Konica Minolta Business Solutions India tells us in this exclusive interaction.

Have there been any interesting consumer trends in India that you observed during the lockdown period?

One of the biggest consumer trends in India during this period is digital adoption across sectors and printing is no different. To bank on this opportunity, players are taking their businesses online and serving their customers through remote technologies. Advances such as contactless card readers, remote monitoring, remote customer care service etc. are increasingly being adopted by companies in India to ensure business continuity. Simply said, contactless printing through digital means is going to be the future of this domain. Apart from this, the usage of SOHO printers is also gaining traction in the wake of Corona spread. Besides this, some of the Label Printers saw major jump in Label printing requirement to meet Healthcare industry needs.

How are you preparing to face the post-Corona World?

As of now, the idea is to go digital in all aspects, both in terms of products and services. This can be achieved by leveraging new-age technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), hyper-automation and robotic process automation (RPA) and CS Remote Care Global Services, among others. Through these developments, we are also striving to tap on new growth avenues and experiment with innovative business models with an aim to deliver seamless customer experience. Not only will this help us acclimatise to the new world order, but also amplify our reach across other verticals in the nearby future.

What are your views about Make in India?

Make in India has been a commendable initiative launched by the government of India to facilitate investment and foster innovation. However, COVID-19 has further added wings to it by offering India an opportunity to turn this crisis into an opportunity. By boosting and promoting domestic production and consumption, the country can achieve self-reliance in the times to come. On top of this, the move would also encourage business and attract investment from foreign countries, and help India steer to a better tomorrow.

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