Exclusive Interaction - Mayank Rajput, MD, Aigroedge Technologies

Exclusive Interaction - Mayank Rajput, MD, Aigroedge Technologies about AI-enabled sensoring equipment to help the farmers

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Mayank Rajput, MD,  Aigroedge Technologies, sells AI-enabled agro-tech equipment which helps the farmers to get data about soil, climate and other agricultural conditions and help them to increase produce. In this interaction, he tells us about his company and work.  This is an opportunity for the resellers to sell his devices.


Aigroedge Technologies device Kraashak    is an IoT sensory system powered by AgriVital, an intelligent platform (SAAS). It collects the data which affects the plant/crop growth and provides personalised feedback to enhance yield and profit margin to the end-user.

What has been the response from the agricultural sector to your AI-enabled equipment? Has there been a change during and post lockdown? 

The response from the sector to  Aigroedge equipments is quite encouraging. Specialised farms have shown a great deal of interest in the technology. Drip irrigation is the need of the hour, and our technological solutions can help immensely. We have talked to many specialized farms, and 95 percent of them have shown interest in our technology.   Aigroedge equipments  are extremely beneficial in the current situation of pandemic as it is difficult to find adequate labour for farm work. The inclination towards the technology would further increase post lockdown. It will help in adhering to health precautions such as social distancing. Apart from that, these Aigroedge technologies will fasten farm activities and will also help in better produce. So overall the crisis has created more opportunities for technologies, and we have developed them to assist farm activities.


Do you cater directly to the end-farmers or do you avail of a chain of re sellers to reach the farmers? What is the percentage of both categories in your business?

We have two business models where one of the models deals directly with farmers, especially the specialized farms. The other one revolves around licensing for the technology to SAAS companies who further resell it to the farmers. We expect 40 percent of our revenue to come from the reselling model and 60 percent from direct sales.

How accurate is AI-sensing to the quickly changing climatic conditions in different parts of India?

Our Aigoredge solution comprises of high-quality industrial sensors with great accuracy and precision. Our AI enabled solution helps farmers manage and monitor the crops/ plants, etc. so that they can be grown with maximum yield. Based on the data and feedback from the farmers, specialised agriculture experts, and research centers our AI powered expert system (trained using different machine learning and deep learning models) which exhibits higher order of accuracy while providing suggestions and recommendations.