Exclusive Interaction – Minal Bhagat, Co-Founder, Ensonic

Ensonic Computech offers products and solutions under its brand Ekin and focuses on SMART class, Virtual Class, Video conference and Thin Client solution with experience centrers at Kolkata, Jaipur and Thimphu, Bhutan.  Minal Bhagat, Co-Founder, Ensonic, speaks to us on the latest experience centre and how it will provide value addition for the education sector in Kolkata.

How has the online  solution developed?

We have been working for long on the online learning solution. Understanding that it would be required to connect students with their teachers who are based anywhere in the world. During our ground activity, we realised that teachers/faculties are limited to physical classes where 40-100 students can attend. Huge number of students cannot take the benefit of lecture/discussion of the physical room as they cannot travel. Further, with the availability of the internet and cost-effective hardware/software, it is possible to deliver/record lectures. We started our R&D to check if Ensonic can deliver cost effective online learning platform. After almost 6 months, we could develop a simple and cheaper solution which can meet the requirement of customers and tax less to pocket.  Pre-Corona it was too limited college/university/Coaching classes. This was the time where Institutes were reluctant to come online. Post Corona and lockdown, it was a necessity. Social distancing, Lockdown and govt norms pushed almost all institutes to either closed down or shift to on-line.

What are the sectors your focusing on? 

Our major focus remains on education. But at the same time, we build a disruptive video conferencing solution for SOHO/SME/Corporate.

What is the Experience centre’s specialisation and where is it located?

Technology is new and we found the users’ apprehension. It was very difficult for a user to understand complete features and usage of the solution. So, we decided to makethe experience centre as part of the office. We showcase all our solutions. Customers can come physically or connect on remote to experience product/technology/solution. Presently, experience centers are in Kolkata and Jaipur.

Customers can connect from anywhere for a complete demo. They do not need to come physically. Local customers can come physically for touch and feel the experience.

What are your plans for the future and plans to move to different locations?

We are catering to East from Kolkata and North from Jaipur office. For expansion, we are taking the route of Franchise. Our model is ready and we shall open a franchise from Oct 2020.

 As the online learning is gaining pace now, what are advantages and disadvantages the industry would face?

It is boom time. As usual lot of competitive players has joined the game. Expected disadvantage would be trap of throw away prices and wrong solution deployment at customer end. This would create bad image in future. The advantage would be many folds. Recording of important lectures and online classes would change the learning totally. Big opportunity for quality teachers, specially from small town, now they have whole India/world to show their ability.

As told to Ayshwariya Lakshmi,  a Guest Writer for DQ Channels

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