Exclusive Interaction – Sudhir Naidu, CEO, Troop Messenger

Sudhir Naidu, CEO, Troop Messenger, tells us about the requirements and challenges of 2020 in this interaction.

In the current scenario of 2020, what kind of IT requirements does your company have which you have not been able to fulfill in 2019?

We have the usual IT requirements of  laptops, desktops, smartphones, servers and other software to run these hardware equipments. In addition, we also have the requirement of the emerging technologies.

Although we ran a little short of resources due to the Covid-19 outbreak; Troop business operations have never come to halt and are still running successfully. Our teams have performed beyond the expected lines in 2020 to fulfill the requirements road map of Remote Screen Controlling, Group Calling and Video Conferencing facilities to help our customers work remotely and have uninterrupted work conversations anywhere, anytime.

How do you plan to fulfill these requirements?

Troop teams have worked closely with each other with daily standup meetings and sprint review meetings to understand the work updates of each team member. We used to meet over the team voice-calling facility of our home-grown product to discuss work and its deliveries.

What are the technology areas in which your company needs to grow in the near future (please do not mention your products and solutions – these will not be published)?

Troop intends to grow on the lines of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to integrate a direct chat-bot help to the users of our products to help them better. Also, Cybersecurity and Deep Learning are the other areas where we plan to improve ourselves.

What are the challenges you’re facing in 2020?

Though we see a good increase in the work productivity from our employees, the unprecedented situation of the Covid-19 pandemic has brought little tremors in the Troop software development wing initially. But now we are coping up with our business.

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