Exclusive Interaction - Vinay Agrrawal, Founder, Hubbler

Exclusive Interaction - Vinay Agrrawal, Founder, Hubbler on his no-code apps for digitising businesses in a short while on mobile

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Hubbler is helping businesses to convert their complex data into a web or mobile application literally overnight with no-code apps. Vinay Agrrawal, Founder, Hubbler talks to us about his work.


How expensive are your various softwares? Is it possible for the MSMEs to afford them?

Being a part of this industry for over two decades, we still have a long way to recognise the value software brings to our businesses. I firmly believe that software has to be treated as the profit centre of the organization rather than the cost center. Customer value is one of our core beliefs. And as a part of onboarding consulting, we help customers recognise the value our automations are bringing in. In some cases, we dissuaded customers to go ahead with a project that they were trying to hire us for. This has led more business to come from them.

Most of our customers today derive the 20X value out of the automation that we have provided. The ROI from Hubbler is just a few months.


Final license cost totally depends upon the complexity of the app, number of apps within the super app, integrations & number of users.

What has been the success rate for the vendor management tools in last 2 years?

Vendor Management is one of the modules that we offer under Procurement Cloud. It is one of the flagship offerings of our no-code platform. Most customers are looking for an agile and flexible system in spite of them running ERPs such as SAP. Hubbler does exactly that for them. We help them quickly build vendor portals, configure the approval processes, pick and choose the module that they need and connect to their existing ERP. All of it gets done in just under 24 hours.


Do you do business with international markets? If yes then with what regions? How challenging are these markets?

For the last couple of years, we had been working to perfect the platform and learn as much as possible by solving different problems. Today we have customers from 15+ industries with over 500+ applications. However, all of these customers are currently in India.

We have all plans ready for international launch (North America, Europe & Middle-East) by Q3 this year and therefore we are raising funds now.


These markets are pretty mature to adopt a no-code platform. According to the Market and Markets report on low and no-code platforms, an industry estimated to USD 45.5 Bn by 2025, a market adoption analysis found that North America and Europe were the biggest consumers of low and no-code platforms, followed by the APAC region. The Middle East was also touted as a key consumer of low/no-code.

How do you compete against the challenge from similar other companies?

The no-code market size ($24bn+) is too big and virgin at the moment for any genuine platform to feel challenged by competition. And if you look at the way no-code platforms operate, they end up creating their own niches. Our product map and business model clearly outline our growth strategy based on moats we have built around us.