Exclusive Interview- Atul Todi, CEO and Co-Founder, 10times

In an Exclusive Interview with Atul Todi, CEO, and Co-Founder, 10times shared deep insights into the increasing demand for collaboration.

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Exclusive Interview- Atul Todi, CEO and Co-Founder, 10times

In the current use case, 10Times recently launched a business events discovery platform FLOOR focuses on events due to its founding team’s decade long experience in the event industry. In an Exclusive Interview with Atul Todi, CEO, and Co-Founder, 10times shared deep insights into the increasing demand for collaboration and meeting products and how Floor can help event planners effortlessly add and manage speakers, sponsors, or exhibitor profiles.


How easy or difficult for an organisation to switch over this work from the home environment at such a large scale?

What would have happened in five years is happening in the past few weeks? When there is no other option available, organisations are now adopting what is possible and available. It is not possible on factory floors, but the manufacture can move a lot of his admin work to the remote. The organisation’s work can be moved from manual to digital and can be done through the cloud.

 What was the first idea to introduce Floor in the market?


We have been working with 1 lakh event planners in the world for the last 10 years. The event is not about one conversation but is a side conversation of a small gathering. By attending an event, he or she can meet someone and have good side conversations with them. Other platforms will give you a room where there is 1 speaker and audience but on Floor, you have everything like a booth, reception, auditorium, etc. The floor is more about bringing the attendees together and providing the luxury of interacting when they are in the same space on the same Floor.

What is your GTM for the Indian market?

We work with almost 200-300 event organizers in India. We already have partners in a place where every organizer became the partner and they can do events on the platform. We also work with other tech companies as well, who work with event organizers and planners. In the coming months, we will open the Floor to other partners and distribution channels wherever there is used case for Floor.


Which vertical that you are thinking that they are adopting it faster?

Education and health conferences are adopting virtual technology very fast. The construction industry not in demand right now and might take a while to go virtual.

How does 10times provide solution training and upskilling to those partners?


Whenever a client signs up with us, we have handholding where we train our organizers on how to use virtual solutions.

 Any marketing strategies that you are planning?

First, we want to address our current clients and we are already getting good word of mouth. Nothing specific, we are talking to all media partners. Besides this, we have worked with every organization in the country so the idea is only to convince them that they do you know this is the way to survive and ensure that your business does not shut down.


How you tackle those problems where costumer face low bandwidth problems?

While using Floor, you can auto switch to lower quality to resolve the bandwidth problem. Higher bandwidth for a better experience, you can still experience everything on lower bandwidth. We are looking at other ways to support low bandwidth to let participants continue the conversation without getting dropped off.

 How many people at the same time can join Floor?


There is no limit to it. Million people can join for a single session. If a speaker speaking on stage, in a single session we recommend keeping 5000 participants at the same time.

What are your future plans?

Our future plan is to make Floor into something which can be applied to almost any use cases. Currently, we are exploring the education sector. Our future plan is to scale this up for almost anyone who can use the floor to drive more engaging conversations. It’s more to do with a community-building than anything else. Floor is a community of people and a lot of interesting things happen on a Floor.