Exclusive Interview: Ravi Raj, Director & Brand Head, NetRack

In a candid interaction with DQ Channels, Ravi Raj, Director & Brand Head shared NetRack’s growth in 2019, growing demand for Datacenter business in India and future growth plans for 2020. 

NetRack’s growth in 2019?

NetRack has successfully annexed a significant market share in India. We witnessed an overwhelming response from the industry towards our products and solutions. NetRack’s mission is to deliver time-bound quality products that are superiorly designed and precision-engineered to perfection, to help the customers overcome their constraints while enabling scalability and increased performance at a reduced cost.

Since the past decade, we have witnessed a consistent 20%- 25% YoY growth in India. IT enterprises are the key contributors to this growth. This year we were successful in expanding our services to UK, Europe, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Qatar, Oman, and Dubai. We have recently launched iRack Block 2.0 with considerable upgrades in the design and specifications. iRack Block 2.0 is a self-cooled, self-powered & self-contained rack which is supported by Mitsubishi-Climaveneta’s unique in-rack cooling unit.

Shed some lights on NetRack’s channel ecosystem?

NetRack’s partner base consists of 500+ system integrators and 30+ channel partners across the globe. We conduct training programs for our partners and also host frequent offsite events to directly interact with partners and customers. Through our partner training programs and factory visits, we aim to equip our partners to better understand the new solutions we have come up with. It benefits them in converting and closing deals quickly.

Partner programs have a remarkable role in enabling the partner to easily understand the product/technology we provide and help them to analyze the markets from which they can reap good benefits. It also helps them to develop/create a blueprint to enter the global markets and allows space to achieve higher targets, revenue as well as profits. Designing a strong & effective business model for channel partners also play a major role in strengthening the reach. They also help them to foresee the competition among various organizations and plan according to be ahead in the game and device strategic models for different geographic locations.

 How is NetRack addressing the growing demand for Datacenter business in India?

Over the last few years, technology and innovation have revolutionized the way companies conduct business. The datacenter is one such industry in which bringing intelligent components goes synonyms with the company’s growth. Having studied and understood the challenges faced by various industries, NetRack offers an array of services that serve to Store, Secure, Integrate and Systemize passive and active network components like:

  • Data Center Racks
  • Intelligent Locking solutions
  • Normal & Intelligent Power Distribution
  • Climate Monitoring
  • Asset management
  • DCIM
  • Acoustic and soundproof Racks
  • iRack & iRack Blocks
  • Server & Networking Racks
  • High-Density Open & Closed Racks
  • Customized Racks
  • Lab Racks & Furniture

We are foreseeing a huge potential of our products in the government sector, DC businesses, R&D labs and in e-Commerce verticals

NetRack’s contribution to Make in India initiative?

We are aligned to Make in India initiative from day one. We have a sizable manufacturing plant in Bangalore which is spread across 1,75,000 sq.ft. All our products distributed locally as well as globally are manufactured in our Bangalore production facility.

NetRack has marked its place in dishing out state of art technology solutions in line with the best industry quality standards. In addition to our infrastructural strength in terms of technology, we also have an equally competent workforce of 175+.

Having set its benchmark quality high, we at NetRack have adopted and implemented the best quality manufacturing processes and methodologies under international certification bodies like ISO 9001 | ISO 14001| ISO 27001 | ISO 45001. Additionally, most of the NetRack products are UL Certified.

Future growth plans?

Our objective is to further penetrate the Indian market by expanding our market reach as well as putting forward leading-edge technology solutions. We also strongly aim to cover government space this year, as the potential there is enormous.

We are bringing innovations to our products as per the industry and market requirements and constantly working on bringing intelligence in the products so that the same can be integrated with DCIM effortlessly.

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