Exclusive Interview: Sean Yalamanchi, Co-founder & President, InfoVision

In an exclusive interview with DQ Channels, Sean Yalamanchi, Co-founder & President, InfoVision talked about how they are strengthening

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In an exclusive interview with DQ Channels, Sean Yalamanchi, Co-founder & President, InfoVision talked about how they are strengthening the technology backbone of the country and the latest trends in the space of IT services in India.


Elaborate on the USP of the brand.

InfoVision, founded in 1995, is a leading global IT services and solutions company offering enterprise digital transformation and modernization solutions across business verticals. We partner with our clients in driving innovation, rethinking workflows, and transforming experiences so businesses can stay ahead in a rapidly changing world. We help shape a bold new area or era of technology-led disruption accelerating digital with quality, agility, and integrity. We have helped more than 75 global leaders across Telecom, Retail, Banking, Healthcare, and Technology Industries deliver excellence for their customers. InfoVision’s global presence enables us to offer offshore, nearshore, and onshore solutions for our customers.

With a 95% customer retention rate, InfoVision has a well-deserved reputation for providing services on time and under budget. Leveraging emergent technologies such as cloud, Big Data, IoT, and more through an innovation-driven lens, we help businesses improve existing technology processes and platforms, drive enterprise digital integration and enablement, enhance user engagement through better visualization and user interface, plug in enterprise mobility and ramp up their capabilities in these technologies.  Our agility, flexibility, and speed help us deliver value irrespective of the size of the challenge. We work with our customers in SOW-led managed services, Time & Material engagements and staff augmentation models.


With a technology-neutral and cost-effective approach, InfoVision has built significant expertise in emerging technologies like AI, ML, 5G, IoT, Blockchain, and AR/VR to address critical customer challenges. InfoVision is also the innovation partner for one of the major telecom companies in the world.

With rapidly growing offshore delivery centers in India (Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai and Coimbatore), offsite capacity available in Texas, and onsite delivery at client facilities, we provide cost-competitive and scalable end-to-end IT services from staffing to technology solutions.

What are the key targets for the year?


This year, InfoVision is laser-focused on ushering in a bold new era of digital disruption with quality, agility, and integrity at its core, paving the way to uncharted technological and innovation dimensions. InfoVision is working diligently to establish new strategic alliances with industry leaders, advance its product portfolio, strengthen its workforce, and add new client partners from emerging markets while expanding existing ones. Subsequently, it intends to raise awareness among the IT Service and Solutions community about its competence and the value it offers to businesses.

Some of the goals of the company are to:

  • Innovate with a purpose to accomplish transformational outcomes for its customers.
  • Be a strategic technology partner in customers' digital transformation initiatives through unique business models and improved managed services infrastructure tailored to customers' needs.
  • Leverage emerging technologies to find disruptive ways of solving real-world business problems, with a keen eye on simplifying user experience.
  • Be an influencer in the professional community by sharing knowledge and experience.
  • Be a responsible social entity by contributing to community projects.

How is the brand-strengthening technology backbone of the country?

InfoVision is strengthening the technology backbone in India by working on leading-edge projects, partnering with IIT Hyderabad, collaborating with the country’s academia, and establishing centers of excellence and incubation centers in different pockets of the country.

The company also participates proactively in nationwide technology forums and industry associations to raise the bar in technical education and groom a new generation of IT professionals.


Our leaders work on a ‘learn-share-learn’ approach by expressing their points of view and learnings through technical articles and blogs that are available in the public domain for wider consumption.

What support does the brand extend with emerging technologies like AI/ML, Blockchain, and IoT?

InfoVision has set up a dedicated Center of Excellence (COE) for blockchain, AI/ML, UX/UI, robotics, and testing. InfoVision extends innovative solutions by leveraging these emerging technologies.


Blockchain -

We have a Blockchain Center of Excellence (COE) with a formidable team of professionals who are familiar with the culture of blockchain. With the in-house testing product "Testing Whiz," we have a history of exceeding the highest quality standards. Our blockchain COE has a technology-first philosophy and caters to customers regardless of their industry with scalable architecture, nimbleness, and rapid productization. We provide blockchain strategy advice, prebuilt use cases, a future state roadmap, technology strategy, and feasibility research through our Enterprise Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS).



With the help of supporting technologies like IoT, digital twins, computer vision, natural language processing, deep learning, reinforcement learning, and predictive analysis, we create cutting-edge AI solutions. Businesses can achieve end-to-end automation for all facets of their operations with the help of our innovative AI technologies. Our JARVIS AI/ML experimentation platform is an end-to-end MLOps solution for data engineering, model creation, AB Testing, deployment, monitoring, continuous training, and deployment. Additionally, it provides custom analytics, parallel deployment experiments, and ongoing model performance and business KPI tracking.


UI and UX are frequently oversimplified and restricted to appearances. While reiterating the need for empathy and understanding, brands are increasingly acknowledging the role that technological innovation will play in helping them match their inherent strengths to customer expectations.

At InfoVision, we assist companies in delivering personalized and profoundly impactful experiences to all of their stakeholders. You can reinvent and redefine how consumers interact with your business by combining our experience in creating flexible proprietary solutions and a variety of user journey patterns. As with the majority of our innovation-driven projects, we employ design thinking to help you make minor adjustments to your customer journeys, which add up to distinctive experiences that offer your brand an advantage over the competition.

What are the latest trends in the space of IT services in India?

Today, in the era of global digitalization, the Indian IT services market is advancing at an exponential pace and remains one of the IT industry’s fastest-growing segments. More and more industries are recognizing the necessity of having a centralized location for all of their digital information and resources. Having a secure location that can handle everything and keep the data safe has almost become a requirement.

Cloud computing is the go-to solution for businesses seeking to enhance and digitally streamline their operations.

Another major megatrend is the adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, particularly tools that engage in natural-language processing, clustering, business process optimization, automated problem incident response, knowledge management, and machine learning (ML).

At the same time, advancements in the metaverse of augmented and virtual reality have laid the groundwork for virtual R&D and interactive learning via digital twins.

Automation has emerged as a master enabler for both sustaining and improving benchmark operations, allowing employees to move up the value chain and generate significant bandwidth to focus on core areas of work.

 Blockchain is asserting its presence in a big way. Customized blockchain solutions for claims processing and settlement, cross-border payments, digital wallets for any asset, reinsurance, and many more such use cases are being explored in a big way.  These possibilities have a tremendous potential of disrupting the existing business models and building confidence in technological enablement by making transactions secure and tamper-proof.