Exclusive Interview with Vivek Shah, VP, Dev Information Technology Ltd.

In an exclusive interview with DQ Channels, Vivek Shah, VP (International Business), Dev Information Technology Ltd. talks about the future of Hybrid

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In an exclusive interview with DQ Channels, Vivek Shah, VP (International Business), Dev Information Technology Ltd. talks about the future of Hybrid learning culture in the education sector, different opportunities for partners and how and will help partners in this transformation journey.


One prominent trend that is now emerging is EduTech and hybrid work culture. Especially in the education domain, now the work system has moved from work from home to a hybrid system. So, how do you view the growth of EduTech in the hybrid work culture and how do you plan to harness this opportunity?

Hybrid learning is a new way of learning. Due to this pandemic, hybrid learning becomes a core essence of learning, there has been a lot of tools and technologies and there has been a lot of modern technologies also become very recently who are into this space, and all schools, colleges, institutes or any, tech learning or a normal Learning Institutes has started working on some other tools, Microsoft Learning has been picked up, a lot of those tools are becoming popular nowadays because working remotely learning remotely becomes a trend.


As the world is been moving, this may continue for a few more years as well and this has become a good market to gain. There are considering this is a new adoption in India, we see plenty of opportunities, specifically, a lot of institutes, schools, have started adopting the hybrid learning frameworks, hybrid learning mechanisms. And at the same time, this is bringing a lot of transparency in terms of learning as well, even the student or a child is learning from home, there's a lot of statistical data, a lot of you know, recording a lot of other parameters which are available, which brings a lot of automation and a lot of statistical reporting and calculations as well which are available, which was not there earlier age. so as far as the opportunity goes, there is plenty of opportunities in, if you talk about India or overseas market, and as a company, we are also focusing on this market, and we see plenty of opportunities coming up as well.

What are the unique features of Indian EduTech and how can the partners help it grow?

There are plenty of ways partners can grow, for example, in an institute, looking forward to getting into this hybrid learning, there are plenty of options available in the market, but they don't know how to adopt this or, you know, with his options available, how to get into the ecosystem, and how the ease of use has to bring out. Whereas, you know, the partners can help in terms of getting this into hybrid learning to be implemented at the student level, help them to organize all the workforces, and everything in a systematic manner where the entire e learnings can be automized, they help them to set up based on their institute, to those full processes and they also bring out how the simplest way of tools and simplest way of adopting, procedures can help them to make this really successful is like that, you go and buy costlier software, but you don't know how to use it or how to adopt it and how to use and get into that framework is going to be a waste of money and waste of time. Whereas the help which we can bring in as a partner just Help them to enter end to end setup, help them to customize the processes the way they want, help them to organize everything and also providing support as well as making sure that they get this executed and get this rolling 24/7 or the way they want and help them to you know to organize it in the appropriate way.


Microsoft has introduced And So in your opinion, how is Microsoft enabling the partners/ ecosystem?

Microsoft has been very recently started this you know, educating programs and there are two porters as you mentioned, partner beings not in and Edublog Dotty both of these platforms are widely available for the partners where Microsoft is helping partners not only, in terms of getting the right resources in place by which they can easily adopt and provide services to the institute but they also provide a lot of quick guides, a lot of videos, a lot of materials, even they provide support to partners as well where the entire ecosystem is you want to set up for the institute's or even during the setup, if you come across any challenges, what kind of support we can get from the Microsoft, how they can help us to automise the entire process, how they can help us for bringing the technology to the smallest group of the people, the entire ecosystem is available, where we can get into support from the Microsoft, we can go to the resources, being a partner of Microsoft, we can get the required help, whenever required, and we can bring out the end to end implementation for the institute's as well. So, what are these portals that help partners to get into the portal, they can register, they can get on-time support, and they can also Microsoft also enables partners to achieve the best practices across all implementations, which is happening for hybrid learning. And it is not only about from Microsoft point of view, as I don't only about selling the licensing or providing the ecosystem, but they are practically providing all required support for the entire companies and the partners and also for the institutions as well, by which they can make a really successful there's a lot of services which are available, for free to the trial and there has been a lot of services which are connected as well if you're talking about Office 65 and other implementations, this is something can be really helpful service, instead of going through all different kinds of licensing and everything one step solution for all of these services can be enabled for the institutes.

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What are the different opportunities for Partners in the Edu Tech sector?

Education as a sector is a very big sector if you pick up India, there have been billions of small scale to large scale Institute's are available, if you talk about technologically one or a hybrid learning, as the ecosystem, ecosystem is still at a developing stage, there has been a lot of in schools and institutes are not adopted, all of these technologies vary widely. So, if you talk about the open market, there have been plenty of opportunities as the entire education sector has been available, if you talk about how many, good case studies are available in the market, where, this has been successfully implemented, there are very few and if we talk about the opportunities, the entire world is open, and if you talk about the Indian market, as I mentioned, millions of schools and millions of Institute's are available, the way the Microsoft is helping, the companies like us or partners like us, for getting into the discussion with applying providing guide materials, resources, support, demos and making sure that the entire ecosystem can be explained trained, and the people can adopt these technologies very effectively and easily. That is really fabulous, if you pick up that support, do the right and appropriate market research using the right you know, institutes and try to start adopting and, you know, providing these kinds of services, there has been a huge number of opportunities available for the partners where they can avail good amount of revenues, a good amount of customers, and at the same time, getting a good belief that we are creating an ecosystem which is going to be adopted and the use by plenty of students and plenty of institutes as well.