Expectations 2020

Expectations 2020: SIs seeks Positive Business Environment from Govt

Expectations 2020: The IT ecosystem has been changing constantly over the years. This decade, we have witnessed how data consumption has increased and the use of smart devices amongst users. We have seen a significant role of online and e-commerce players in one and all life. Channel partners have also shifted from traditional business practices to the cloud businesses. Organizations now adopting new technologies to digitally transform their business and Channel partners are constantly helping them in adopting new technologies.

Below are some expectations of Channel partners from 2020.

Harinder Salwan, MD – Tricom Multimedia Pvt Ltd

2019 has been a year when many customers have cut down on budgets and reasons stated for renewing software subscription is due to an economic slowdown, client spending reduced and to add to the problem the increase in prices by the vendors like Adobe Microsoft Corel Autodesk, etc.

2020 doesn’t look very exciting with the government thinking of increasing taxes and GST rates consolidation. Hope the stakeholders of the software industry wake up and make their concern clear to the Government.

Alok Gupta, Director, Unistal Systems Pvt Ltd.

The government needs to create a positive environment for business without any interruption for growth. Also, they need to ensure timely payments from the government and PSUs to partners. I see a lot of opportunities especially in government/PSU infrastructure vertical. Traditional retail will continue to be slow in IT due to online sales by biggies.

Rajeev Mamidanna, Director, Technosprout Systems Pvt Ltd

The overall market sentiment does not give out the fact that the channel community is working more closely with one another than ever before. I have personally witnessed partners aligning together for larger opportunities and also positioning each other’s solutions and skills more than ever. It is time to work together in a competitive scenario rather than work against it.

Also, more and more niche solutions are entering into our domain. So skills and development of resources will be top of mind for all entrepreneurs.

With the high growth in the data with organizations, companies are expected to adhere to stringent compliances. That provides a great business opportunity for channels to identify the solutions for their verticals and build skills.

Times are exciting.

K R Chaube, Director, Kaltech Digital Pvt Ltd.

I have positive sentiments for 2020. I hope to have progressive actions towards a cohesive business environment.


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