“Failure is the stepping stone for Success”

Sumathy Anantharam, Executive Director at WEBCOM Information Technology PVT LTD believes in translating challenges into opportunities

The reason behind choosing IT as a Career

I was always fascinated by gadgets. I was interested in research and I used to repair household electronics like radio, TV etc. When I was pursuing my BSc, I got an opportunity to get into computer servicing job. It was an excellent chance for me to develop my technical skills. I was very happy as I was doing something different from regular work.

The challenges of being a woman executive

Since IT is a male dominated field, initially my counterparts and especially our clients were not able to accept that I can also solve their technical IT problems and design their networks. So every time I needed to prove myself to win their confidence.

Does Glass ceiling exist

Yes, the glass ceiling is there and it is a major challenge faced by women executives. During my initial days of career I had to take more efforts to prove my capabilities. On the basis of perseverance and passion to learn new things and take up challenges, I proved myself in the male dominated industry.

Reasons behind low level of participation of women in the technology jobs   

The first reason is women feel that they lack confidence to play a significant role in the organisation. Secondly, they are not comfortable to align themselves with the job requirements. Women technicians and executives need to visit the client place and have a quality discussion to solve their problems. Once we enter the place for solution we have to complete the task. Women executives need to understand that IT is more of outdoor work than working from office.

Advice to women IT professional

Do not worry about failures as they are the stepping stone for success. Do whatever you are doing with 100 percent passion and faith. You will be accepted and once you prove your worth you will see a new world full of opportunities and enjoyment.

Your major professional achievements

I have completed 10000 women empowerment programme by Golman sacs. WEBCOM has been recognised as one of the 100 premier system integrator of India.

On a lighter Side

Family background

Born in a middle class family in Chennai and did my BSc. in Physics from Ethiraj college in Chennai. My parents are my role model and they inspired me to enter into the business.

Your de-stress and fitness mantra

I see comedy serials to de-stress myself. Yoga keeps me fit and active always.

Your role model in profession

Sudha Murthy

If not an executive, you would had like to become

A perfect house wife and open my own boutique for working women

Your daily schedule of work

Wake up at: 6 AM

Morning activities: Do some exercise and Yoga, Prepare breakfast and lunch for family

Leave office at: Around 8.30-9 AM

Activities in office: Mostly client meetings

Evening activities: Come back by 8 PM. Prepare dinner. Watch comedy serials, spend some time on social media

Sleep Time: 11 PM

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