Amy Barzdukas, CMO, Polycom

Close up with Amy Barzdukas, Chief Marketing Officer, Polycom

‘Fair’ Marketing with Amy Barzdukas, Chief Marketing Officer, Polycom

“Great storytelling can make our solutions real to our customers and help them see new ways to solve their business problems,” said Barzdukas. “Polycom helps our customers navigate global trends like the ‘shrinking office’ and understand what’s needed to successfully manage their workplace of the future.”

Recently, Amy Barzdukas has been named Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer. Barzdukas joins a new executive lineup that includes CEO Mary McDowell, CHRO Billie Hartless and recently announced EVP of Solutions Management, Tarun Loomba.

Barzdukas is a global marketing executive with 20 years of experience in the technology industry. She joined Polycom in 2015 as Vice President of Global Solutions Marketing and has led Polycom’s sales enablement, product and services marketing, alliance marketing and competitive teams for nearly two years with significant successes. She is based at Polycom’s San Jose headquarters and was recently selected as a finalist for the B2B Award in the category Marketer of the Year. She has a passion for the new era of corporate etiquette in the digital workplace and is a driving force behind the notion of “vidiquette.” Amy Barzdukas, CMO

In her personal life there’s more to her regime. Amy is a fitness fanatic In her own words, “In my spare time, I love to do pilates and yoga . And I am also an avid reader; I also love spending time playing with my two cute puppies”

On home front, her life revolves around her three children and her husband. As most ladies, Amy loves shopping. She has a soft spot for  footwear and jewelery. During her recent trip to India, she went shopping in Delhi and absolutely loved the experience. “I discovered my favorite shopping destination i.e Ambience Mall. I got some good shopping done there. I like things that are different, especially jewelery and designer shoes.”

In her global role, she has witnessed many work cultures and talking about  what she learnt during her India trip, she said, “What constitutes of time is very different in India, people here take a lot more liberty and this is very different from what I have experienced in other parts of the world.”

Her message to other women professionals is, “Don’t ever give up; work life balance is not only a female issue; it’s for everybody at work and most importantly, don’t be afraid to be heard”.


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