Interaction - Sudhindra Holla, Director, Axis Communications, India & SAARC

In an exclusive interaction with DQ Channels, Sudhindra Holla, Director, Axis Communications, India & SAARC shared an overview of Axis's Channel Strategy for 2024, partner engagement, quality control, GTM Strategy, and more.

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Interaction - Sudhindra Holla, Director, Axis Communications, India & SAARC

Sudhindra Holla, Director - Axis Communications


How does Axis Communications foresee leveraging business insights as a key differentiator in the channel ecosystem, and what specific initiatives or strategies are in place to achieve this differentiation?

Axis Communications recognizes the pivotal role of business insights in fostering a competitive edge within the channel ecosystem. We have intensified our collaboration with our closest solution partners, delving deeper into their business planning processes for invaluable insights. Through this endeavor, we have gained a nuanced understanding of their strengths across various segments and identified key differentiation factors. This insight has enabled us to tailor our support, encompassing knowledge enhancement, pre-and post-sales support, targeted marketing activities, and strategic business planning reviews.

We align closely with market dynamics and remain attuned to prevailing industry trends. This empowers our partners with relevant knowledge and resources, enhancing their capabilities to capitalize on emerging opportunities across different markets. Additionally, we prioritize aligning our offerings with our partners' specific needs. This entails providing comprehensive enablement spanning product education, technological support, streamlined distribution processes, inventory management, and marketing initiatives. By holistically bolstering our partners' capabilities, we foster enhanced sales performance and position ourselves as a thought leader in the industry.


Actively engaging with our partners, we assess the market sentiment to ensure our strategies are adaptive and responsive to evolving customer needs and preferences. This iterative approach to leveraging business insights highlights our commitment to driving mutual success within the channel ecosystem, facilitating increased profitability and sustainable growth for all stakeholders.

Can you provide an overview of Axis Channel's strategy for 2024? How does the company plan to adapt and innovate in the rapidly evolving channel landscape?

The cornerstone of our success lies in nurturing resilient partnerships that prioritize trust, transparency, and consistency. Our channel strategy revolves around two core principles - depth and breadth. We strongly connect with our channel partners to understand their region's specific needs. We are committed to strengthening our relationships with our closest solution partners, who contribute significantly to our business. By offering tailored support and engaging extensively with these partners, we aim to enhance their capabilities and drive mutual growth.


Secondly, we are adopting a "go wide" approach by expanding our geographical footprint to capitalize on high-GDP regions and cities. We are reaching out to tier one and two cities through strategic distribution partnerships, ensuring comprehensive coverage across diverse markets. This expansion aligns with the increasing demand for integrated solutions in the critical infrastructure, manufacturing, and transportation sectors, among others.

Thriving in such a complex ecosystem requires profound domain expertise. We prioritize equipping our channel partners with comprehensive knowledge through consistent skill development and training initiatives. We invest heavily in education and training initiatives to empower our channel partners with specialized knowledge and skills. This includes launching a comprehensive learning management system (LMS) to facilitate digital learning and skill development. We create a solid foundation for long-term collaboration and growth by aligning with partners who share these values.

In what ways is Axis Communications actively engaging and enabling its partners through Axis Channel/partner engagements and activities? Could you highlight specific programs or initiatives aimed at empowering and supporting your channel partners?


Axis Communications fosters strong collaborations and empowers our channel ecosystem to achieve mutual success. We operate on a two-tier model, engaging deeply with distributors and solution partners to ensure alignment and support at every level.

The effectiveness of our initiatives is evaluated quarterly and monthly with our distributors, and improvement areas are identified in our business planning. We provide comprehensive enablement support, from training sessions and marketing events to lead generation campaigns and technology enablers. We aim to equip distributors with the necessary resources and insights to drive business growth effectively.

Similarly, we engage with solution partners through tailored programs and initiatives to enhance their knowledge and capabilities. Our sales team works closely with solution partners to provide insight and support. We leverage our Axis Academy training programs, such as Technology Tuesdays and targeted communication channels, to ensure solution partners can access the latest information and resources.


One of our flagship initiatives, the ACS Specialist program, focuses on cultivating experts in AXIS Camera Station, enabling partners to deliver end-to-end solutions beyond traditional surveillance. This program equips partners with specialized skills in audio integration, visitor management, and analytics, enhancing their value proposition to customers.

Through these initiatives, we aim to provide our channel partners with the tools, knowledge, and support they need to thrive in the rapidly evolving landscape of the surveillance industry. Our commitment to education, enablement, and collaboration remains firm as we strengthen our partnerships and drive innovation in the market.

Maintaining global standards and ensuring quality control are crucial for product integrity. How does Axis Communications approach this aspect, and what measures are in place to guarantee the consistency and quality of all Axis products on a global scale?


Maintaining global standards and ensuring product integrity are deeply ingrained in our ethos. With Swedish roots, we uphold exceptionally high-quality standards across all our products, maintaining consistency worldwide. We prioritize stringent quality control measures, ensuring that each product undergoes rigorous testing in various real-world environments, not just controlled laboratory settings. This approach guarantees that our products are resilient and perform optimally in diverse conditions, from extreme temperatures to harsh weather.

We are also committed to sustainability, designing products with eco-friendly materials and minimal power consumption. Our products adhere to international certifications, such as IP and IK ratings, and undergo thorough testing to meet global standards. Our focus on cybersecurity is also significant, with robust firmware and proactive vulnerability management to safeguard our customers' data and privacy.

From design to sales and support, we adhere to the highest standards of professionalism and quality. This commitment to quality is a crucial pillar of our operations, ensuring Axis Communications remains a trusted leader in the industry.


Could you elaborate on the key challenges faced by Axis Communications in the current market landscape, and what is the Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy in place to address these challenges and propel the company forward?

The dynamics of enterprise channel partnerships have experienced a significant shift in response to evolving customer preferences, changing business models, and intensified competition for strategic collaborations. This transformation has fostered a more collaborative and global relationship between partners and vendors, centered on creating long-term value and establishing trust among all stakeholders. Currently, the industry faces global uncertainty, which has resulted in heightened consumer demands for swift service delivery. Consequently, partners must upgrade their capabilities and offer professional services to maximize value as customers increasingly transition to utility-based consumption models. Businesses must equip their partner ecosystem with the skillsets and training to meet these evolving requirements.

Additionally, today’s highly competitive market demands distributors to emphasize providing value-added services throughout the sales cycle, particularly during the demand generation phase, while adhering to defined timelines. To address these industry gaps, the Axis Communications Academy provides comprehensive training services to fulfill these requirements, including exclusive global professional video surveillance certification. Through our commitment to education and skill enhancement, we unlock the full potential of our channel ecosystem. This empowers partners to maintain their position at the vanguard of market trends and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

What is the channel expansion plan for Axis Communications in 2024? Are there specific regions or markets the company is targeting for growth, and what strategies will be employed to achieve successful channel expansion?

In 2024, we are committed to expanding our channel base and further amplifying our position as India's leading integrated solutions provider. Our channel expansion plan revolves around three key pillars: growing the number of solution partners, enhancing specialization among partners, and extending our geographical reach.

We aim to increase the number of solution partners across different tiers, including the gold and silver categories. These partners play a crucial role in articulating, designing, and implementing our solutions, enhancing customer satisfaction. We will provide extensive training and support to ensure our partners are well-equipped to deliver exceptional service.

Secondly, we are focused on enhancing specialization among our partners. We recognize the importance of having experts in specific domains, such as audio solutions. By nurturing specialists who excel in end-to-end audio solutions, we aim to provide comprehensive support to our customers and address their evolving needs effectively.

Our channel expansion plan involves extending our geographical reach to more cities and regions across India. This expansion will ensure broader accessibility of our products and solutions, facilitating greater market penetration and customer engagement. Additionally, we aim to leverage our recently launched Axis Experience Centre in India to increase our engagement with our channel and customer ecosystem.

As we look ahead to 2024, what channel trends does Axis Communications anticipate dominating the landscape, and how is the company preparing to align with or capitalize on these trends for sustained success in the channel ecosystem?

There is a notable shift where partners seek vendors who offer not just products but comprehensive support and thought leadership. To capitalize on this trend, we are strengthening our engagement with solution partners, providing them with valuable market insights, business planning support, and differentiated solutions. We empower our partners to expand sales opportunities and enhance profitability by demonstrating our thought leadership and knowledge.

Another significant trend is the transition from analog to IP, followed by a shift from low-cost IP to premium IP solutions in large enterprises. Leveraging this trend, we are positioning ourselves to address cybersecurity concerns, ensuring the safety of installations. Additionally, the rising demand for audio and intercom solutions presents a lucrative opportunity for our partners to integrate complementary offerings into existing video installations, expanding their revenue streams.

Additionally, we observe increased openness among solution partners to collaborate on end-customer events, demand-generation activities, and lead follow-ups, leading to higher closure rates. Furthermore, emerging opportunities in extended video products, such as thermal and explosion protection cameras, allow our partners to deliver additional value and drive profitability.

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