Work in collaboration with SI, resellers - Suchit Karnik, RAH Infotech

Exclusive Interaction with Suchit Karnik, COO, RAH Infotech. He shared insights on the various challenges they are facing as a Value Added Distributor and the strategies they are working on.

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Work in collaboration with SI resellers Suchit Karnik RAH Infotech

Suchit Karnik, COO, RAH Infotech

How has the business fared in the last year?


RAH Infotech has had a strong performance over the last year. The company has sustained its growth trajectory, achieving a CAGR of approximately 50% YOY. This growth rate highlights the company’s expansion and successful business strategies. Despite challenging market conditions, RAH Infotech has managed to maintain its upward momentum. The sustained growth is possible because of the management, customer relationships, and a well-executed market approach. This progress positions RAH Infotech driving innovation and delivering value to its stakeholders.

What have been the major achievements as an IT distributor and what is your vision for the future?

RAH Infotech has achieved notable growth which is a major accomplishment. The company has focused on creating a Great Place to Work and diversifying its product portfolio. Additionally, RAH Infotech has opened a Customer Excellence Center, enhancing its service capabilities. The company is also stepping into advanced fields such as artificial intelligence and quantum computing. These technologies have the potential to revolutionize problem-solving, optimizing supply chains, and simulating molecular interactions, positioning RAH Infotech at the forefront of innovation in the industry.


What are the emerging challenges in this domain in 2024? What are the strategies you are going to implement to overcome these challenges?

In 2024, RAH Infotech faces several emerging challenges, including geopolitical tensions, new and evolving threat vectors in IT, and shrinking profit margins. Addressing these challenges requires a multi-faceted strategy.

To tackle the geopolitical challenges, the company must stay informed, and adapt quickly to changes in the global landscape. For the IT threat vectors and shrinking margins, collaboration is key. RAH Infotech plans to work closely with system integrators (SI) and resellers to strengthen its market position and expand its reach.


Bringing in AI and machine learning-driven niche technologies will be another critical strategy. These advanced technologies can enhance security measures, streamline operations, and create new business opportunities. Additionally, RAH Infotech will partner with technology consultants to educate both partners and customers. This educational approach aims to drive business growth by improving the understanding and implementation of cutting-edge solutions, ultimately leading to better margins.

Creating proprietary intellectual property (IP) is another strategic focus. Developing unique solutions and services will not only differentiate RAH Infotech in the market but also provide additional revenue streams. By combining these strategies, RAH Infotech aims to navigate the complex challenges of 2024 effectively and continue its trajectory of growth and innovation.


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