Fingerprint recognition takes security to a new level

DQC Bureau
New Update

With the CL5708, 8-Port PS/2-USB LCD KVMP Switch and the 16-port version

CL5716, Aten launched the LCD KVM switch with 'optional' fingerprint

recognition. In addition to enhanced data center security, the CL5708 and CL5716

provide the latest in KVM switch technology.


A single CL5708 or CL5716 Slideaway LCD KVMP (P—peripheral) Switch with two

consoles (one bus) can control 8 or 16 servers. By daisy-chaining as many as 31

additional KVM switches, up to 512 servers can be controlled from a single KVM

console. For added security, the optional fingerprint identification system can

be used to control access to the CL5708 /CL5716, and all devices under its

command. For this feature, an administrator and up to four user accounts can use

any one of the recorded fingerprints to log in.

For installation, the CL5708 / CL5716 does not require any software, and

servers can be added or removed without having to power down the switch. As

professional solution for multi-platform environments, the switch supports all

major operating systems (Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux, Mac,

and Sun).