FITAG organized Samarthya 2023 for Gujarat's IT Community

Recently, FITAG organized its annual event "Samarthya" in collaboration with partners PRAMA and HIKVISION.

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FITAG organized Samarthya 2023 for Gujarats IT Community 1

Recently, FITAG organized its annual event "Samarthya" in collaboration with partners PRAMA and HIKVISION. The event was organized on the 7th of October, 2023, in Tent City Narmada, near the Statue of Unity, Ekta Nagar.


Samarthya Event 2023" was the inaugural event that FITAG arranged for the year 2023–2024. 41 out of 43 IT channel partner association representatives participated in this event. Approx 150-160 members Including the presidents, secretaries, and joint secretaries attended "Samarthya". Comprising forty-three IT associations from different Gujarati cities, the Federation of Information Technology Associations of Gujarat (FITAG) has more than five thousand IT professionals as members.

The Federation of IT Associations of Gujarat (FITAG) serves as a vital support network, extending assistance to numerous associations across various sectors. Functioning as the unified voice of Gujarat's IT community, FITAG operates as an umbrella organization. This unique status enables FITAG to advocate effectively for its members on significant platforms, transcending the constraints of individual local groups. Through this unified approach, FITAG amplifies the collective concerns and interests of Gujarat's IT sector, ensuring a broader and more impactful representation for its members.

"Samarthya" functioned as a platform fostering networking, information exchange, and teamwork, embodying FITAG's dedication to fostering unity and progress within Gujarat's IT sector. This initiative exemplified FITAG's commitment to creating an environment conducive to collaboration and mutual growth among members of the IT community in Gujarat.

FITAG Samarthya 2023

FITAG Samarthya 2023

FITAG's representation resonates as the unified voice of Gujarat's IT community. By amalgamating the interests, problems, and aspirations of local groups, FITAG forms a cohesive front with significant impact at regional, state, and federal levels. This collective approach ensures that the diverse concerns and ambitions of the Gujarati IT sector are effectively communicated and represented across various tiers of governance.

In an exclusive chat with DQ Channels, FITAG president Ashok Ghelani shared, that in "Samarthya" they gave a presentation on their annual activities and what they are planning to do in the forthcoming year for their members. Representatives from different local associations in Gujarat also presented reports about their last year's activities for their members. For instance, knowledge and training programs, family outings, and member upgradation. Sponsors of this event PRAMA and HIKVISION also had a presentation. Lastly, FITAG had a motivation session for its members. In this session, they discussed "How to grow business together?". It was a networking session that helped members to upgrade themselves and find new opportunities to improve the business.

There was a great deal of information exchanged during this session, with a particular emphasis on initiatives meant to support member associations' growth. These efforts included social involvement projects, business growth plans, and technological advancements. More than 160 participants joined the local members during the event, adding to the body of knowledge.

The "Samarthy Event" lasted for two days and included networking opportunities and cooperative idea-sharing between all participants. It is anticipated that the results of these exchanges will strengthen and expand the capacities of FITAG and its member associations in the future.

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