Five Marketing tools/activities for Partners to boost business

Marketing on a shoestring budget might be difficult, but there are plenty of things a small business owner can do to attract and retain customers.

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Marketing on a shoestring budget might be difficult, but there are plenty of things a small business owner can do to attract and retain customers. The rise of digital marketing has made it even easier for small business owners to establish a presence and attract informed buyers. Before a company begins marketing a product, it is good to build a buyer persona. Once you've identified your ideal customer, you'll have a plethora of marketing options at your disposal. The majority of these are low-cost or no-cost strategies (sometimes called guerrilla marketing). Let's take a closer look at five marketing strategies for SMBs/ Partners.


1) Referral/Networks Marketing

A company's referral network is priceless. This involves referrals from one company to another. Referral marketing is founded on the same fundamental principles as network marketing. Individuals and their personal relationships or contacts are used in both techniques to market services and products. We use network marketing to broaden our contacts, make ourselves and our brands are known, and exchange ideas. Referral marketing is sometimes seen as one of the most basic forms of marketing. However, when used appropriately, it can result in astonishingly high close rates and an extraordinarily high return on investment.

2) Digital Marketing Media


With targeted, measurable communications, computer software technologies can reach out to potential clients. Mobile marketing, interactive online adverts, opt-in email, and online partnerships such as affiliate marketing and sponsorships are examples of specific digital media marketing methods. The further subsets of Digital Marketing Media are: -

  • a) Social Media Marketing: Digital media marketing includes social media marketing as a subset. The purpose of social media marketing tools, on the other hand, is to build an interactive, online relationship with the customer rather than to mine for customer data secretly. Blogging, tweeting, posting, sharing, networking, pinning, media sharing, and commenting on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest, Reddit, and YouTube are examples of social media marketing tactics. Social media marketing levels the playing field for small businesses and individual entrepreneurs by providing low-cost tools with great returns.
  • Promotional Marketing Tools: Promotional goods, such as brochures, business cards, press kits, websites, informational videos, and merchandise, are tangible marketing tools. Some of these things have a lot of detail and emphasize your products or services; business cards and trade show freebies may merely have a company logo and contact information. Promotional items and improving sales help promote brand awareness; however, the cost is a consideration when picking these items.

3) Value Additions


This is one of the most effective ways to sell a product or service. Value adds appear to be comparable to coupons and free appraisals on the surface. Still, they are intended to increase customer happiness and extend the distance between you and the competition. Guarantees, discounts for return clients, point cards, and referral prizes are all standard value enhancements. Which shop has a point card or preferred customer card is often the determining factor for choosing between two identical shops. The value adds should be emphasized when creating your advertising materials.

4) Search Engines

Search engine optimization, or SEO, has emerged as a critical marketing strategy for small online businesses in the early twenty-first century. SEO is creating a website that ranks highly in popular search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Being the first result in a popular product- or industry-related search is a significant source of site traffic. You may even buy search placements to attract a set number of visits as your site expands.


5) Public Relations Tools

Several promotional tactics are directly related to public relations, an unpaid communication channel frequently offered through media exposure. Common PR strategies include press releases, newsletters, press conferences, and news reports. Some are used to promote businesses or products proactively. Others are employed to respond to unwanted publicity or incidents.

By Aditri Priya

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