21 OA Compserve:Counting On Relationship Management" />

21 OA Compserve:Counting On Relationship Management

OA Compserve is committed to establishing a strong service setup, which they feel will be a catalyst for growth. The main strategy as of now is to focus on the national capital region of Delhi. To serve the targeted area better, the company has set up with two new branch offices here.

OA Compserve registered Rs 55 crore (Dataquest estimate) in 1999-00, which was a 127 percent growth over Rs 24 crore it earned in the previous fiscal. Growing from a mere two percent in 1998-99 to the current growth rate is a commendable deed.

One of the forces behind the success of the company is its strong relationship with principals. This is reflected in timely payments which in turn ensures strict credit control by OA Compuserve. Many a time this is at the expense of generating additional sales, but the company has maintained a tough stand on this issue. This is done to plough back the revenue into the business.

The manpower strength has gone up from 100 employees in 1998-99 to 110 in the last fiscal. This increase has come because of the education division of the company. The company has pays a lot of emphasis on employee training and conducts all technology-based training in-house.

To leverage the use of technology all offices are networked with ISDN lines to remain connected. The company is planning to take internal networking a step further by setting up a WAN which should be up and running by the next year. The company is committed to maximizing automation in the work environment in the years to come.

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