Fraudster nabbed in Mumbai

DQC Bureau
New Update

In another recent case, Sameer Bhatija of Star Collection took two channel

partners-VC Infosystems and Dolphin Computers-in the city for a ride.


Talking about the incident, Vipin Sharma, Proprietor of VC Infosystems said,

“Star Collection contacted us to purchase two Apple laptops. Once I handed over

the goods, Bhatija asked me to come over to collect the cheque since he was not

carrying enough cash with him. When I reached Lokhandwala, he asked me to come

over to his office located at Mira Road. However, he had shared wrong contact

details of his office and on further inquiry, I learned that no company by the

name of Star Collection existed in that area.”

The two Apple laptops were valued at Rs 1,28,500 and after Bhatija bought the

material on June 12, 2009 he was unreachable on his cell from June 15, 2009. “He

did not respond to my repeated calls and hence I lodged a complaint at the

Amboli police station.” Following this the police apprehended Bhatija on June

25, 2009 and has been remanded to police custody.

Dolphin Computers is another channel partner who too was duped by Bhatija who

bought three assembled desktops and one HCL laptop valued over Rs 1 lakh on June



Bhatija and two of his companions-Veerendra Yadav and Manish Chawla-who were

also involved in the racket have been arrested by the police.