G7 CR Technologies Gets Virtual Desktop Advanced Specialisation

G7 CR Technologies Gets Virtual Desktop Advanced Specialisation to be able to work efficiently on MS Azure Cloud platform

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G7 CR Technologies India has received the Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (VD) advanced specialisation. This recognises a partner’s deep knowledge, extensive experience and expertise in deploying, scaling and securing virtual desktop infrastructure on Azure.


Only partners that meet stringent criteria around customer success and staff skilling, as well as pass a third-party audit of their Windows VD technical practices are able to earn the Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop advanced specialisation.

Windows Virtual Desktop is a Microsoft solution that seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft products and allows customers to implement virtual desktops in a scalable, secure and cost-effective way.

Partners with validated capabilities in implementing Windows Virtual Desktop can help customers deploy and navigate the licensing efficiencies it offers to deliver the solution that is most efficient for their organisation.


Speaking on the occasion, Jesintha Louis, Director, Partner Success and Cloud Solutions Specialist, G7 CR Technologies said, “It is an honour for us to receive such recognition from Microsoft. The pandemic has accelerated the technological transformation in the country and we are proud to be a part of this transformational journey. Cloud is definitely an enabler providing the required setup to make this digital disruption possible at the scale and magnitude necessary. Lot of SMBs, SMEs and Enterprises have been migrating from physical desktops to VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) on the cloud since the outbreak of the pandemic and it has helped them survive in the new normal. With our dedicated team and resources, we hope to provide cloud solutions across sectors.”

Rodney Clark, Corporate Vice President, Global Partner Solutions, Channel Sales and Channel Chief, Microsoft stated, “The Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop advanced specialisation highlights the partners who can be viewed as most capable when it comes to deploying Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure. G7 CR Technologies clearly demonstrated that they have both the skills and the experience to offer clients a path to transition to desktop-as-a-service in a scalable, secure, and cost-effective way.”

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