Genesys strengthens its presence in India

Genesys, the global leader in omni channel customer experience and contact centre solutions, reports accelerated momentum in India

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Genesys, the global leader in omnichannel customer experience and contact centre solutions, reports accelerated momentum in India as it expands its decade-long presence in India with operations headquartered from Chennai. With over a 150 customers in India, Genesys India has grown nearly 30 percent over the past four years.


During a media roundtable on April 26, Genesys global CEO Paul Segre and the company’s Vice President of Sales and MD for India, Sanjay Pai, discussed the importance of customer experience (CX) as a brand differentiator and how evolving technologies, like Internet of Things (IoT), are enabling it. A recent Frost & Sullivan study on IoT-enabled CX, commissioned by Genesys, found that India has the second highest IoT-enabled customer maturity in the entire Asia Pacific region. According to the report, this is driven by the region’s optimistic view of how IoT can be used to enhance CX initiatives. Also discussed was how companies, such as Cleartrip, use new technologies available through the Genesys Customer Experience Platform to provide a seamless customer journey.

“Our core capabilities are in Omnichannel contact centre and customer experience solutions for marketing, sales and service departments. We support the broadest set of channels in the industry including Chat, SMS, Messaging apps, Email, inbound, outbound, call-back voice and more.  All of these channels can be tightly integrated with mobile and web applications for seamless transitions from self to assisted service. Chat and Mobile channels in particularly are going through a period of rapid growth,” says Paul Segre, Chief Executive Officer, Genesys.

Adding to this, Segre says, “At Genesys, we have a three pronged strategy to delight our customers. First, we are a technology leader with products that deploy either on the customer premise or in the cloud. Second, we invest in understanding the best practices that drive business outcomes and operational efficiency for our clients. Third, we go the extra mile to partner with our customers to implement and create solutions through consulting and product support. Identifying innovative customers is the key mechanism to push our offerings forward.”

One of Genesys’ prominent customers – Cleartrip, a leading online travel company in India, relies on a straightforward objective to “make travel simple” for its customers. It achieves this through a clean and clutter free website that is fast to load, quick to provide relevant information and simple to navigate. By using the Genesys PureEngage offering to power its customer experiences, Cleartrip’s service CSAT saw 65% to 86% growth in eight months, while the sales satisfaction rates experienced 81% to 89% improvement in two months.

Nikhil Godbole, Head - Customer Service at Cleartrip said, “Technology is the equalizer for businesses today. However, in a business environment where customer loyalty can be made or broken by how proactive brands are in delivering a good customer experience; companies that leverage technology to help them become more intuitive, agile, and responsive will stay ahead of the rest.”

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