Geodesic ties up with Spokn

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Mumbai: Geodesic, a software provider focused on information, communication and entertainment, has entered the voice communication space with Spokn, which offers Internet telephony service.


Spokn acts as a bridge between traditional Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services. Traditional Internet telephony required one be connected to the internet while Spokn provides inexpensive Internet calling rates on a wide variety of devices - mobile phones, smart phones, regular land lines in addition to computers.

Spokn's also offers free incoming service allows subscribers to be reached at the cost of a local call from over 40 countries worldwide for free. And at a small cost they can even choose to receive these incoming calls on their mobile phones or land lines.

Voice Messaging Service (VMS) is another Spokn solution wherein customers can record and send a 20 sec message to any telephone or email account worldwide. VMS to emails are free and VMS to phones have a low and fixed cost that includes a free 20 sec reply.

Spokn also offers a traditional voice mail that is delivered to subscribers email address at no cost - when users are not connected to the Internet or are offline.