Get rid of old technology; Security Dynamics are changing

Finland based Cyber Security Company, F-Secure organized a three-day ‘APJ Partner Summit’ with the vision to recognize, appreciate and underline the significant contributions of F-Secure’s valued channel partners while apprising them of the developments in the emerging threat landscape.

F-Secure Portfolio has right ingredients

“If you can’t stop the threats, then at least you should have the capability to detect, and you can start countering them.” On this note and seeing the trends in Cyber Security, F-Secure is offering rapid detection service (RDS), Which is attracting a great amount of traction. This solution is very well demonstrated in the market for the customers. To know more DQ Channels has one-on-one with Samu Konttinen, CEO of FSecure.

What are the transformations in F-Secure portfolio with respect to recent cyber attacks?

F-Secure already have a strong portfolio; we have well built portfolio in the end-point security. With recent cyber attacks, we make sure that our offering catalogue is equipped to meet the need. With our new products, we can cover the prevention and the detection part; i.e., we have the prediction capabilities for the vulnerabilities. I think the portfolio has the right ingredients, these areas which needed to go deeper. We want to make integrated platform approach so that the customers would use F-Secure products easily. For example, now while using an F-Secure product; more than one device could be connected for better security. So, that is the kind of transformation we have done. Also we are now focusing on address big enterprises.

End point detections is an emerging market in India, what is the current scenario here?

India is not standing out from the global trends. End point protection is a mature market, but still it’s growing here. Right now, there is significant thrust with many initiatives, for example Mobile banking space is rapidly evolving. So many people are using the internet and primarily with their mobile devices, not with the traditional laptops, the mobility perhaps defines India a lot.

How you see the mid market segment in India and what are the initiatives to tap them.

The mid-market segment is a high level to serve, it is underserved. Service providers only pay attention to the big enterprises. But the mid-market is real market to be served. I really want to provide solutions to them. In India, it could be facilitate by channel and the partners. We have a lot of trade partnership in India and we really led a partner based business model. Our ecosystem right now comprise of more than 200 channel partners in India.

What are the initiatives to strengthen the channel?

It’s a two fold game; we have some partners for too long, we are continuously strengthening those partners. Along with it we are acquiring new channel partners as we are very ambitious and growing.

What would be the focus areas in the roadmap ahead?

We are focusing on our product catalogue on detection and vulnerability management. The paradigm shift in the market, the protection alone doesn’t courage, so need to have the detection capability, so that is very strategic for F Secure and super important for the customers.

Other focus is; we want to partner with service oriented sellers and service providers, those companies which are not only re-selling F-Secure products but they are also building their own services on top of the technology they re-sell.

In the APAC region, India, South East Asia, and Japan are amongst the fastest growing markets for F-Secure. The company further envisions building on its leading position as a cybersecurity player especially in India, with the nation’s digitization drive gathering momentum. F-Secure aims to double its revenue every three years in the country.

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