“Getting work visas for Chinese experts in India is a problem”: Inspur

In a candid interaction with the DQ Channels, Verinder Kumar Aggarwal, Vice-President, Inspur Technologies (India) Pvt Ltd, talks about establishing brand Inspur in Indian market and the underlying challenges

Inspur is a Cloud Computing Total Solution Provider in China with revenue of 8.2 Billion (USD) in 2014 with 19561 staff. INSPUR Global business expanded to 85 countries & Exhibition centers in 10 countries. Have R&D centers in China, USA, Japan & Taiwan and Factories in US, Venezuela, Kenya, Cuba, Nigeria & UAE. Inspur has Core Module Level (Level 6) R&D Capability & have applied 2500 Patents & 2145 Invention Patents. Inspur has three Listed Companies; Inspur Software, Inspur Information and, Inspur International.

How are you trending in India, what difference you find in India and China Market?

 We have started our operations this year and are in the process of finalizing the partner echo-system in India. Initial response in India is very encouraging & we have been well received by the customers & partners. In China, we are well established & are player in providing solutions to ecommerce, Internet data centre & HPC customers. Inspur designed Baidu (rival to Facebook) datacentre using high performance Smart Racks & Rack Servers providing efficiency in operation & cost savings in power consumption & space.

 What is the market share of your company in the world?

Inspur is TOP5 server vendor in the world & NO.1 server vendor in China.  Inspur has over 60% Server Market Share in China Internet Industry. We have wide range of R&D capability in Server industry starting with Integration level to System Chip Level and to Core Module Level. Key customers like Alibaba, Baidu use our Smart Rack technology to reduce TCO & increase efficiency.

What is your GTM strategy?

Our strategy is to appoint partner eco-system to provide maximum geographical coverage across India. We will be focussed on large projects from ecommerce, Internet Datacentre, Telecom & HPC verticals in India. We want to bring our experience in establishing data centre solutions based on Inspur Smart Rack & Inspur Rack Server technology for prestigious customers like Alibaba (China, USA.) & Baidu to India. Our future plans include setting up a manufacturing facility & Customer Experience Centre in India.

What are your recent developments for HPC?

Inspur is a HPC vendor in China. Our TS10000 is designed specifically for scientific and engineering computing, widely used in life sciences, computational chemistry, high-energy physics, meteorology, earthquake, petroleum, simulation and other fields.

What is Inspur cloud computing solution?

The cloud computing concept requires multiple technical supports, from hardware to software, Common goal of hardware reconstruction and software definition. Inspur Server Virtualization system InCloud Sphere is developed for private cloud and industrial cloud; being the foundation of virtualization of cloud data centre; to be the most stable and secure virtualization platform in this industry. We have management software & operating systems for Cloud Management called InCloud Manager, Inspur Big Data Solution, Inspur iDesktop Cloud & Software Defined Compute for Cloud Solutions.

What are the challenges you have faced as an emerging company?

 While we are well established in China, our Overseas Business Unit has expanded at rapid pace in the past five years. We now cover 85+ countries worldwide. We are facing challenges in hiring specialist resources as we see limited resource availability for these skills in the market in India. Work Visa is another challenge we face in getting experts from China to India for longer duration’s.

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